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Hubei Province Reports 1st H7N9 Case


Hubei Province – Credit Wikipedia


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News of H7N9 coming out of China this year has been sparse, with many provinces simply posting a lump-sum figure buried in their EOM epidemiological reports (see More Than One Way to `Contain An Outbreak’), and so we don’t have a really good feel for how their 3rd wave of the virus has gone.

It does seem likely – based at least on the sharp drop in exported H7N9 cases this year to Hong Kong – that fewer cases may have occurred on the mainland this year.  But without solid, timely data, there is no way to know for sure.


Today, however, we do have a small bit of H7N9 news (h/t thread by Tetano & Sharon Sanders on FluTrackers), who have found reports on Hubei Province’s first officially reported case.  


This from the Hubei Health and Family Planning Commission.


Hubei Province, the first case of H7N9 cases

2015  04  26

April 26, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to review the province's first confirmed H7N9 cases.

The patient, male, 50 years old, household Luotian engaged in live poultry trade and slaughter activities. April 22, the Hubei Provincial People's Hospital admissions after the patient was diagnosed as a suspected H7N9 case, then go to Wuhan required medical treatment centers treated in isolation. At present, the patient's condition is stable, and its close contact with staff was no exception. By laboratory tests and epidemiological investigation confirmed that causes contact with the patient entered the provinces, carrying live chickens H7N9 virus related.

The incident has started emergency measures required to close the live animal markets, all of the batch of chickens were culled herds and sound processing, carried out a health care practitioners; carry out a comprehensive medical and health institutions and fever of unknown The reason to monitor cases of pneumonia, good emergency treatment preparations to ensure that the epidemic preventable and controllable.


It should be noted that a year ago, a resident of Wuhan, Hubei Province fell ill while in Guangdong Province, and subsequently died.   That case ended up being attributed to Guangdong’s totals.

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