Monday, April 27, 2015

Minnesota H5N2: 55 Farms Affected Across 18 Counties


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APHIS  has updated their website, and has added six more outbreaks, from four states (IA, ND, WI & MN) this evening, but it is still running several days behind many of the state’s local announcements. 


Wisconsin announced their 6th outbreak on Friday, but the USDA’s list still shows only 4.  Similarly, Minnesota has reported 55 outbreaks, but only 52 are listed.

We do have a recent update from Minnesota’s Board of Animal Health, and they are now reporting 55 farms in 18 counties have now been hit with the avian flu.  Up from 49 farms spanning 17 counties on Friday.



The good news is that we haven’t seen any fresh outbreaks reported from the lower latitude states (Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas) in several weeks, which many attribute to the recent arrival of warmer weather.   


As temperatures climb in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa the hope is that the level of bird flu activity will decrease there as well.

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