Tuesday, April 07, 2015

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Although we recorded it Thursday night (April 2nd) for Broadcast on Sunday, Robert Herriman’s latest Outbreak News This Week Radio Show is now online.  Robert’s guests included CDC researcher Dr. Ivo Foppa discussing a recent CDC Study: Lives Saved By the Flu Vaccine, along with this humble blogger.


Robert, a microbiologist, runs the Outbreak News Today website


The link to the show can be found below, and an archive of earlier shows is available at this link.  You can follow  Robert Herriman @bactiman63 on twitter as well.   



Avian influenza update on Outbreak News Radio

Posted by Robert Herriman on April 5, 2015

Mike Coston, Editor of Avian Flu Diary joined me on today’s, Outbreak News This Week Radio Show and I spent a huge portion of the hour-long program on the latest news, updates and analysis concerning avian influenza, both in humans and in birds, here and abroad.

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