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Referral: Mackay Recaps H7N9’s 3rd Wave


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By just about all measures, `the fog of flu’ in the two countries hardest hit by HPAI (H7N9 & H5N1), has been unusually thick this winter, with data only slowly and intermittently emerging from China and Egypt. While Egypt’s outbreak appears to be ongoing, case reports out of China have slowly ground to a halt.


Last night Ian Mackay blogged on the dearth of data coming out of China (see Hubei province listed its first H7N9 case in April...some rare detail), while today. Ian  has published a recap of this winter’s 3rd wave of H7N9, with an abundance of updated charts and maps.


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The third outbreak of influenza A(H7N9) virus seems to be over...

Cumulative curves of reported H7N9 cases and deaths in humans.
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By the looks of the curve on the right, the rush of cases that defined the third known outbreak of the low pathogenicity avian influenza A virus subtype, H7N9, is over...for another season anyway.

If we get into the nitty gritty, as I have below, there are a couple of interesting things to see. First though - let us remember that these are just reported data:

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