Thursday, May 21, 2015

Saudi MOH: 1 New MERS Case (Hafuf Again)



# 10,072


After two days without reporting any cases we learn of yet another case from the town of Hafuf, which has been the site of repeated – apparently epidemiologically related – cases over the past month.   The first case was reported on April 20th, followed by another case on May 5th reported to be `a contact’ of the first case.

Exactly how and when this contact occurred wasn’t specified. Since then, we’ve seen 5 more cases from Hafuf listed at `household contacts of a confirmed case’ – although exactly which of these first two patients (or both) they are related to isn’t clear.


Today we’ve another case listed (even more generically) as a `Contact of a suspected or confirmed case in the Community or Hospital’.    We also don’t get onset dates, further clouding the issues.


In any event, this appears to be the 8th case from Hafuf (aka `Hafoof’) over the past 30 days, all of which appear to stem from the index case reported on April 20th.

Hopefully we’ll get a WHO report that can sort out the epidemiological chain of events behind these cases for us.

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