Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saudi MOH: 1 New MERS Case In Taif



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Although Taif was the site of extensive MERS activity last fall (see Saudi MOH Reports Another MERS Case From Taif), we’ve only seen a few scattered reports from that city over the past few months.


About 10 days ago we learned that a 48-year-old male from Taif city – without a known risk exposure - developed symptoms and was admitted to hospital on May 8th.  This past Sunday we saw another report detailing a 74-year-old patient who tested positive nearly two weeks after being admitted to a hospital for another condition. 


The WHO report indicated `he was admitted to the same ward and treated by the same health workers as a laboratory-confirmed MERS-CoV case that was reported in a previous DON on 17 May’ .


Today we’ve now a  third reported case from Taif, although the barebones report posted on the MOH website provides few clues as to whether it is related to either of the previous two cases.


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