Tuesday, May 26, 2015

MERS: South Korea Isolates Two HCWs – Tests Are Pending





Although Korea’s current case count stands at 4 (1 imported index case, 3 secondary cases), media reports – backed up by a Korean CDC statement – indicate that at least two others (both HCWs) have been moved into isolation and are being tested for the virus.   

It also appears that the Korean CDC is lowering the threshold of `suspicion’ when it comes to contacts of known cases, moving the fever criteria down from 38 degrees (100.4 F), to 37.5 degrees (99.5).

First, a highly critical report in the Korean Herald which discusses delays in quarantining and testing confirmed case #4, and mentions the two new suspected cases, followed by excerpts from the Korean CDC statement.


Health Ministry under fire for MERS

Updated : 2015-05-26 21:36

As Seoul on Monday confirmed its fourth MERS case ― the daughter of the third confirmed patient, who asked to be quarantined but was rejected by the authorities ― the Health Ministry is under fire for the poor handling of the potential patients.

Fear of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in korea further spread on Tuesday as two medical staff members who had been in contact with the patients showed symptoms of fever. The two have were transported to a hospital to test for infection, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The fourth confirmed patient, in her 40s, spent about five hours with her 76-year-old father, who was sharing the hospital room with the first two confirmed of MERS patients earlier this month.

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Machine translation of Korean leaves a bit to be desired, and so the results are often mind-numbingly-syntax-challenged.  Still, we can get the gist from the following release (bolded & reformatted for readability).


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) corresponding status and measures

-Diagnosis patients 4 persons during treatment. It is possible to close contacts of the patients added one, community radio is a possibility low –

-Measures for strengthening non-proliferation in the Mer-

You can select a non-insulated House ever-self-

-Suspected patients of fever over 38 degrees downward adjustment based on the judge: → 37.5 degrees-

□ Disease control headquarters (General Manager: Yang Byung Kook) 5.20 days since until the present Middle East respiratory syndrome (MER) has identified four people as patients, that patients and measures between the brief description elapsed.

○ The first diagnosis the patient is in the Middle East has been infected with the afore-mentioned (4.18-5.3) 5.4, 5.11, fever symptoms occur after patients enter, depending on the diagnostic report 5.19, medical institutions tested, 5.20, MER, after diagnosis as a nationally designated inpatient care on a respirator and undergoing treatment.

* Visit a medical institution: A Senator (5.12, 14, 15), B hospital (5.15-17), C (May 17), D Hospital (May 17-20),

National research hospital treatment Hospital (5.20)

-This patient A ‧ ‧ B C medical care did not say the Middle East at the time of travel powers, D hospital: Bahrain travel power only after diagnosis, know designated inpatient care at the bedside through the mouth's raw epidemiological investigation Saudi Arabia and the UAE, said the fact that travel well

○ Since up until now has been confirmed in three additional expansion pendulum, these are among the hospitalized patient B above in the same room and had to stay in the same room (Mrs.), guardian of the inmate and his guardian (daughter), and is currently hospitalized in stable condition, all State-designated bottle is being treated on a

Close contacts of the patient, on the other hand, pray for us now + 61 2 additional hit daily fever party (first patient care medical staff) have been found to be transferred to the designated inpatient care beds at present, these are the genetic tests will confirm whether the infected in the MERS

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