Friday, May 15, 2015

Saudi MOH Coronavirus Website Back Up



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Yesterday, in KSA: A Sudden Dearth Of MERS Data, I wrote about the recent glitches on the Saudi’s coronavirus website, their abrupt moving of daily (truncated) MERS updates to, and my fervent hopes that this was just a temporary measure while they fixed their website issues.


I’m pleased to report that the Saudi’s Coronavirus Command & Control Center is back up and running, they appear to be actively updating it, and we now have the case tables for the three cases reported on May 12th & 13th. 


May 13th



May 12th



The May 13th case in Hufof is the 7th case from this region since April 20th,  and the 6th since May 5th.  The last five have all been described as `household contacts of a confirmed case’, suggesting this one of the largest household clusters we’ve seen.


The May 12th case from Jeddah is also listed as a household contact of a confirmed case, which is a bit curious, as we’ve not seen a case reported out of Jeddah in many weeks.  Hopefully we’ll get some clarification on this chain of infection in either their weekly report, or the next WHO update.


While the level of detail we get from these tables leaves a lot to be desired, after three days without them, their return is welcome indeed.

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