Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Korea To Conduct Nationwide Census Of Hospitalized Pneumonia Cases

# 10,176

In a bid to try to track down and isolate potential MERS cases already admitted into Korean hospitals, but not yet identifed, authorties will attempt to interview all pneumonia cases and test those who have a history that might suggest infection with MERS.

According to today's announcement, patients over the age of 15 who have a history of visiting other hosptials during a timeframe where they might have been exposed will be isolated and tested.  

The (translated) statement on the Korean CDC site reads:

Pneumonia Patients nationwide census conducted in all hospitals

Department of Health and Human Services' central administration Homers Task Force "and" comprehensive civil and tube corresponding TF "is Wed., June 10th and declared the" Day of pneumonia Homers find exhaustive investigation "and the country pneumonia patients are hospitalized in any hospital It announced that it conducted a census for Homers suspected.

All census is only 15 years of age whilst the patient is diagnosed Homers intended for patients who are hospitalized for pneumonia nationwide to find out whether I've been exposed to the infection period occurred in multiple hospitals.

This is to prevent nosocomial spread wihaeseoda likely to still identify in advance (contact tracing missing in the diagnosis of patients) suspected Homers are not included in the management target early.

Once the census is started, all pneumonia patients in the hospital is moving (power, all rooms and hospital) is prohibited, your doctor will closely examine the patient history through Homers subjects such as history taking and inquiry system.

Pneumonia Patients judged to be related to the findings Homers spread over to all rooms and a single room. Homers conduct a genetic test.

Patients with Homers propagate through the possibility of such a census is expected to contribute to timely respond to dig early.

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