Saturday, June 06, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 64

# 10,158

The Korean HHS has announced 14 new MERS cases diagnosed over the past 24 hours, with the bulk of them (n=10) occurring at hospital `D' or Samsung Medical Center located in Southern Seoul.

We are also informed of the 5th fatality in this outbreak.

To date this makes 17 nosocomial infections reported from hospital `D', involving both patients and medical staff, and all stemming from contact with patient #14.

Three other cases are reported from Hospital `B' (St Mary's in Pyeongtaek) where the first outbreak occurred, and are all nosocomial infections, almost certainly tertiary in nature.

The final case announced tonight was in Hospital `F', which are linked to patient #16.

Once again we are getting very few specifics on these cases beyond their location, which makes it increasingly difficult to track them.  Hopefully the next WHO update will shed additional light on the chains of transmission.

The translation of tonight's announcement follows, hopefully we'll get more details in the English language reportage over night.  Finally a hat tip for my co-conspirator Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers.

Homers confirmed Now 14 people ( two of the D medical institution 10 people ) Additional occurred 
A total of 64 people , killed five people - 
D institution by the two car fashion progresses, many patients find - 

 Confirmed that 14 people ( double death 1 case ) announced an additional cases of were . Additional examples are all managed within a range of nosocomial infections and cases that are on .

of the 10 patients , 14 patients with respect to the first 5.27 ~ 5.29 between the work on the D exposure from medical facilities was found to have conducted a final positive symptoms such as fever Homers genetic testing .

3 patients B and the case was admitted to the same ward in hospitals ,

remaining 1 patients F in hospitals 16 times, and the same is the case with the patient ward .

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