Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster: Third Day With No New Cases




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With an incubation period of up to 14 days, it would take up to four weeks without a new case before Korean officials could confidently declare their outbreak over, but the news on that front remains good for the third day in a row.


One new death was reported, that of an 81 y.o. female with co-morbidities who was exposed in late May at Samsung Seoul Hospital, and was confirmed infected on June 6th. 


She succumbed after more than 3 weeks of hospitalization, making her the 33rd fatality of this outbreak.

There remain more than a dozen cases still listed in `unstable’ condition, and as this report illustrates, deaths are often a trailing indicator with this disease.   Still, the case fatality rate in Korea seems destined to be significantly lower than has been reported previously in the Middle East. 


Exactly why that should be the case isn’t clear at this time, although given the quality and abundance of information flowing out of Korea on this outbreak, we should have some reasonable answers soon.



Homers (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking

54 people under treatment (29.7%), hospital 95 people (52.2%) died 33 patients (18.1%) with a total of 182 people confirmed

Decreased compared to day three of the treatment, discharge, increased party two people, one people increased deaths, confirmed unchanged

54 stable condition being treated is 41 (75.9%), stable in 13 patients (24.1%)

82 people diagnosed type of hospital patients, family / visits 64 people, hospital workers 36 people

  1. General Status

    Department of Health and Human Services Homers central management task force is now 06:00 6.30 days, the patient being treated is a 3 kill juleotgo 54 (29.7%), The hospital said two people stretched hayeotdago increased a total of 95 patients (52.2%).

    One person is dead neuleotgo in 33 patients (18.1%), the third overall diagnosis confirmed no new personnel was unchanged.

    41 people are being treated and the patient's condition stable, unstable 13 people.


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