Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wellcome Trust-CIDRAP Ebola Vaccine Team B Collaborative Website


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Last February, in CIDRAP/Wellcome Trust: Recommendations For Accelerating The Development Of Ebola Vaccines, we looked at a collaborative report from an expert committee co-chaired by by Wellcome Trust  Director Jeremy Farrar and CIDRAP Director Michael Osterholm, that offered 48 specific recommendations for reaching that goal.

Although the situation is – for now, at least – less dire than it was last winter, the Ebola threat has not gone away.  There remains a great deal of work ahead in order to be ready for the next Ebola outbreak.

Today CIDRAP has announced the launch of a joint web resource with Wellcome Trust – the  Ebola Vaccine Team B website - which will host the latest information on research for the disease.   Also available on the website will be:

  • A blog delving into such topics as tracking vaccine clinical trials, keeping manufacturing partners engaged, updates on Team B recommendations
  • Frequently updated bibliographies of key reports and resources on Ebola vaccine development
  • Situation updates examining vaccine trials
  • Listing of Team B vaccine experts
  • Ebola updates by the CIDRAP News team


Follow the link below to view the entire site:



Ebola Vaccine Team B

A Joint Project of Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP


Situation Updates

Blog Posts

Ebola News






Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP launched the Ebola Vaccine Team B initiative in November 2014 to assist international efforts to develop in record time safe and effective vaccines against Ebola Virus Disease. The project includes 28 distinguished leaders in public health, medicine, bioethics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and humanitarian relief. The experts provide a fresh perspective (a Team B analysis) of issues being addressed by international collaborators in the areas of funding, research, development, vaccine efficacy and effectiveness determination, licensure, manufacturing, and vaccination strategy (distribution and administration). To date, Team B has published its findings in two reports:


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