Monday, July 13, 2015

Referral: Mackay On The Lessons Of MERS


MERS case spread among hospitals in South Korea
between the 11th May and the 19th June.
Cowling et al.

Eurosurveillance Vol 20,
Issue 24, 25-JUN-2-15.


# 10,223


Three years and nearly 1400 diagnosed cases after it was first detected on Arabian peninsula, we continue to see the same patterns of nosocomial spread of the MERS virus as was first observed in Jordan in April 2012.


Once proper infection control protocols are implemented, these hospital outbreaks are controllable, but as the 40 recent cases in Hofuf and the 186 cases in South Korea attest, those precautions are all too often late in coming.


Dr. Ian Mackay has a post on the lessons we should have learned already from our dealing with MERS, and that hopefully are being even better imprinted now.



MERS simmers down in South Korea...did we learn anything this time?

No new cases reported in 8 days and the most recent known date of illness onset now 10 days ago, are good indications that the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) hospital-driven outbreak in South Korea is pretty much over. At the least, it's contained. Finally.

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