Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jordan Reports 12th & 13th MERS Case



# 10,545


Although relatively few details have trickled out of Jordan over the past three weeks, PETRA – the Jordanian News Agency – is reporting on two more MERS cases today. A h/t to  Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers, who picked up the story late this afternoon.  One of the cases is listed as a health care worker.


Health: recording two goals virus Koruna

Amman, Sept. 20 (Petra) - ministry reported Sunday two cases of HIV Coruna, bringing the total number of casualties for the current year to 13 cases cured, including six injuries and died five.

He communicable diseases director Dr. Mohammed Abdullat in a statement issued by the ministry this evening that scored the first of one health staff of 29 years old, was installed Mkhalta of the state of the patient and the second Steny suffering from pressure and diabetes, and that the cases under treatment. - (Petra) A T / Abuallbh 09/20/2015 - 22:14


Details on many of these cases remain murky, but this outbreak appears to have begun when a patient with recent travel to Saudi Arabia was admitted and treated at two different hospitals early last month, going roughly 2 weeks  before being diagnosed with  MERS. 


This is the first outbreak of 2015 in Jordan, but 19 cases were been recorded there between 2012 and 2014.  Sharon has also updated FluTracker’s  Current Jordan cluster case list to reflect 13 recent cases.

1) #1506 - Male, 60, onset July 31, hospitalized August 10, Jordan citizen, hospitalized in Amman in critical condition, on July 28 returned from Saudi ArabiaDeathWHO
2) #1510 - Male, 38, onset August 10, hospitalized August 17, nosocomial contact of case #1506, Jordan WHO
3) #1519 - Male, 76, onset & hospitalized on August 25, nosocomial contact of case #1506, critical, Jordan Death link WHO
4) #1520 - Female, 47, asymptomatic on home isolation, nosocomial contact of cases #1506, #1510, Jordan WHO
5) #1526 - Male 56,onset August 18, nosocomial, died September 1, Jordan Death link WHO
6) #1533 - Female, 74/73, onset and hospitalized August 28, nosocomial, Jordan WHO
7) #1570 - Male, 78, onset August 26, hospitalized September 1, died September 4, nosocomial - Amman, Jordan - Death WHO
8) #1574 - Male, 53, onset August 27, hospitalized September 5, died September 7, Amman, Jordan Death WHO
9) #1577- Female, 7, test positive September 7, contact of case #1574, asymptomatic, Amman, Jordan WHO
10) #1578 - Female, 10 months, onset September 9, hospitalized September 10, contact of case #1574, stable, Amman, Jordan WHO
11) #1579 - Female, 65, onset September 3, hospitalized September 9, contact of case #1519, nosocomial, stable, Amman, Jordan WHO
12-13) #1600-#1601 - 2 cases announced September 20, including 1 health care worker, Amman, Jordan


You’ll find the full FluTrackers list of MERS cases HERE.


Sharon spends an incredible amount of time updating and maintaining these lists (plus their H7N9 and H5N1 line listings). They are a tremendously valuable resource, and as far as I know, FluTrackers is the only place that actively maintains these lists for the public.




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