Friday, October 09, 2015

Saudi MOH Statement On MERS Reporting



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It is always a bit dicey trying to decipher machine-translations of foreign language texts, although these translators continue to improve. Nuances are often lost, and so I try to be cautious in their interpretations.

Overnight the Saudi MOH posted – in Arabic – the the following (translated) notice, that pretty clearly announces the end to the weekly Ministry MERS roundup, but I think  (it’s far from clear) says that the daily reporting is `sufficient’  and will continue .


Or not.   

Hopefully we’ll see and English language version posted in the next day or two, that will further clarify matters.  First the statement, then I’ll return with a bit more.


Health stopped the weekly statement about injuries «Corona»

25 November 1436

The Ministry of Health has announced that as of today it will be to stop the weekly statement of the Corona-sufficiency by the daily statement, which gives a comprehensive idea of the cumulative statistics in addition to the general situation during the twenty-four hours prior each statement. 

The ministry has shown that this procedure comes because of the marked decrease in the number of cases reported and confirmed syndrome Middle East respiratory (Corona) the grace of God and praise, and the togetherness of the efforts of workers in all sectors of health, as well as a good and fruitful coordination with the relevant ministries were reported during the week epidemiological last positive case only one has not been reported in this week until the writing of this statement for any positive case thankfully.



The weekly reports have, frankly, left a lot to be desired, and consisted mostly of assurances that the MOH was doing everything they could to stop the transmission of MERS.  The promised `details on risk exposures’ of that week’s cases almost never appeared. 


Still, any reduction in reporting will be missed.


While I was preparing this post, I see the Saudi MOH has published a new Daily report for October 9th.   No new cases are reported (8th day in a row), but 3 recoveries are announced.



Hopefully this is a sign that the daily reports will continue out of Saudi Arabia.

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