Thursday, November 05, 2015

Korean Respiratory Outbreak Investigation – Day 8





The investigation into a cluster of unidentified respiratory illness which began a little over two weeks ago, and is linked to Konkuk University’s Animal Life Sciences Building, continues today without resolution.


The number of x-ray confirmed pneumonia cases in isolation remains at 52 for the third day running, none are reported to be in severe condition, and many are said to be showing signs of recovery.


Four new `suspect’ cases – each with mild respiratory symptoms, but no radiological evidence of pneumonia – are now under home quarantine. Additionally, another 1,600 or so with ties to the building, or contact with those in isolation, are being monitored for signs of illness. 


So far, all of the unexplained pneumonia cases worked at the University research facility building on floors 3-7, raising hopes that this outbreak is due to some sort of environmental exposure and that any outside spread will be limited.

Laboratory testing has turned up 5 cases of Rhinovirus, and today we learn one family member tested positive for mycoplasma pneumonia, a common cause of community acquired pneumonia. Neither is believed to be the cause of this outbreak.

Work continues on a case-control study to try to determine risk factors for infection - and hopefully a source - and environmental testing of the building for a variety of fungal, bacterial, and chemical contaminants is in progress. 


Definitive answers may still be days or even weeks away, but the good news is, there is no indication of spread beyond direct contacts of the building.

The following it a translation of today’s update from the Korean CDC.


Konkuk University respiratory disease epidemiology elapsed (eight primary)

No doubt today a new patient

Centers for Disease Control (General Manager Yang byeongguk) is Konkuk University respiratory illness have been reported till 11.5 days 0 jeopsugeon in connection with the outbreak of a total of 84 cases (cumulative) in the past during the day reported four cases of reported cases classified as suspected cases * of the eopeotdago case said.

- Suspected: chest X-phase with 10.8 days of life since the founding of the University Animal Science College visited the building character and if you have fever over 37.5 ℃ suspected pneumonia findings

* Chest radiography results cases classified as suspected cases do not meet the definition: 32 people

Chest radiography and symptoms of mild cases without waiting unclassified: 0 people

Identified 52 patients with suspected patients in seven hospitals distributed to date has been the quarantine treatment,

No severe cases of these, 49 patients after hospitalization, according to physician judgment - showed improvement in the state and (compared to one people increase day), there are worse cases,

* PCP criteria: improvement on the clinical symptoms or chest radiograph

In addition, 91 people suspected in partner and staff of 145 people suspected cases of patients so far have not revealed.

* Suspected cases of one person hospitalized family member of a mycoplasma pneumonia

(Independent of the National University of respiratory disease, mycoplasma pneumonia is usually one of the major causative agents for winter fashion Fall ‧)

Centers for Disease Control and epidemiological investigation is currently underway and environmental research, and so far the state has no specific information on the pathogen test results.

* Total Rhino virus confirmed in 5 patients, but this is Konkuk University and one kinds of respiratory illness with flu viruses that are prevalent in the current domestic Relevance Low

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