Monday, November 09, 2015

Updating The Korean Respiratory Investigation – Day 12




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After issuing no statements over the weekend, the Korean government is once again updating the epidemiological investigation into the unexplained pneumonia outbreak linked to the Animal Life Sciences building at Konkuk University. 


While the cause of this outbreak remains undetermined, the rest of the news is remarkably positive.

The big news over the weekend - of the 55 people hospitalized with x-ray confirmed pneumonia - 53 have now been discharged from the hospital. Two remain hospitalized, but are showing signs of improvement.


Equally encouraging, only those with direct exposure with the Life Sciences building developed pneumonia, leading investigators to be believe this was due to an environmental exposure (bacterial, fungal, chemical), not due to a human transmissible pathogen.

Testing for an environmental contaminant continues, and follow up serological testing will be done on the patients.  It could be some time before we get definitive answers, however.


Konkuk University respiratory disease epidemiology elapsed (12 primary)

- New suspected cases no -

- Suspected 55 of the patients 53 patients discharged, and 2 patients improved -

□ Centers for Disease Control (General Manager Yang byeongguk) is Konkuk University Animal Life Sciences respiratory tract and diseases related to the last 4 ilgan new had reported was (11.9 il zero until total cumulative reported 84 cases), identified so far 55 people suspected of 53 patients were discharged the remaining two said the militant whom the state is such that there is no fever.

- Suspected: 10.8 days after the founding of the University of Life Sciences building have visited animal characters 37.5 & lt; 0 & gt; C on the chest radiograph with at least if you have fever suspected pneumonia findings

□ In addition, Centers for Disease Control is currently being conducted epidemiological studies, environmental investigations, pathogen tests on the basis of the information identified in the course of the propagation path and cause respiratory diseases geumbeon underway for an analysis identified with the private college adviser,

○ and laboratory animals and Life Sciences building, which is currently estimated to sources in relation to, occurrence and causes of respiratory disease mechanisms, the exposure route of suspected patients with specific requirements established for the said absence.


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