Monday, January 11, 2016

Another H7N9 Case In Zhejiang Province (Ningbo)

Zhejiang Province - Credit Wikipedia


Last week in Media: 1 H7N9 Case In Zhejiang Province (Ningbo) we saw a report of a recently diagnosed H7N9 case in the port city of Ningbo in Zhejiang province.  No details as to age, or gender were provided.

Today Ningbo's Health and Family Planning Commission has published a brief notice stating that there are now two cases in the city's Yinzhou district. There is no indication from this report whether these cases are related in any way, and no other information (age, gender, exposure) - other than one is in critical condition -  is provided.

The city infected with H7N9 bird flu no deaths occur

Source: Health and Family Planning Commission Ningbo Published: 2016-01-11 author:

As of January 11 this year 18:00 pm, the city Yinzhou District has confirmed two cases of H7N9 cases. One patient in critical condition, is to rescue, one case of mild disease. Currently, the city no H7N9 deaths occur. Close contact with staff and medical personnel were not involved in the treatment of infections. Health department reminded the public, H7N9 preventable and controllable. Note that no live poultry exposure, symptoms of fever, cough, especially those with a history of contact with live poultry, should be timely treatment.

Parsimonious though its details might be, at least we are getting a notification from Ningbo.  Which is more than some of China's provinces are willing to divulge (see China: NHFPC Announces 10 H7N9 Cases, 3 Deaths In December).

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