Friday, March 11, 2016

Audio: CDC Press Conference On Zika In Puerto Rico - March 10th


Yesterday (March 10th) CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden and NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci held a joint press conference on the Zika situation in Puerto Rico, the path to a Zika vaccine, and the need for Congress to appropriate the funds necessary to combat the epidemic.

With the rainy season coming, concerns are running high that hundreds of thousands of people on the island of Puerto Rico could become infected by the Zika virus, and that thousands of pregnant women could be at risk.

Dr. Frieden described public health campaign to protect pregnant women and to control the Aedes mosquito vector, and discussed disturbing signs of some mosquitoes developing resistance to permethrin, one of the recommended repellent/insecticides by the CDC.

Dr. Fauci discussed some of the recent microcephaly findings, warned that the spectrum of congenital defects is likely greater than we currently appreciate, and summed up by saying,`The more we learn, the worse things seem to get'.

The full hour-long audio, which includes extensive Q&A, can be listed to at the link below:

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