Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Macao: New Detection Of Avian H7 In Poultry Market - Live Sales Halted 3 Days


For the second time this year, Macao has detected avian H7 in a local live market, and has order a halt to all poultry sales for at least 3 days. 

You'll recall we saw a similar report out of Macao last February, and earlier this month Hong Kong closed their markets after an environmental sample collected in May proved positive (see Hong Kong's Bird Flu Dilemma).

While concerning anytime of the year, these two recent market incidents - along with several recent mainland H7N9 cases  - will no doubt raise additional concerns, as H7N9 activity normally all but disappears during the summer months.

Two (translated) reports from the Macao government.  First the discovery of the H7 virus, followed by their plans for a follow up epidemiological investigation.

HAD on June 22 near the Iao Hon Market Dinner confirmed three birds with one file to extract environmental samples, H7 subtypes of avian influenza virus positive. Government instant avian influenza program, decided to suspend the sale of live poultry in Macao least 3 days from now, and the wholesale, retail and other places of slaughter and to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, and related health bureau will conduct medical surveillance of market poultry handlers .
IACM Iao Hon Market on the second floor of No. 51 three environmental samples of the bird stalls H7 virus is detected, the mainland has been notified and will jointly investigate the source of the virus. At the same time, based on health considerations Gonggonganquan HAD to be the night for about nine thousand live poultry wholesale market fully destroyed and Macao are also grouped with immediate effect, to stop the sale of live poultry least three days. According to the "avian flu emergency contingency plan", the relevant source register field detection suspicion of environmental samples will be suspended for Australia, virus source survey, to be confirmed by both parties for the supply so far.

In addition, the SAR government will wholesale markets and Australia three birds each file to conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection, and will issue guidelines to the health of poultry workers in Macao and related staff. As regards environmental samples detected in market stalls H7 avian influenza virus, the Health Bureau is involved in the seven stalls including five men and two women epidemiological investigation, if determined to be in close contact, the Health Bureau will arrange for them Conde to hospital for examination and quarantine medical observation, be isolated for observation ten days during regularly inspected H7N9 virus, the test results will be announced immediately.

On the other hand, health authorities have appealed to the June 22 and persons over the Iao Hon Market stall, if in doubt please call the Health Department infectious disease Xian hot 28,700,800, in order to make arrangements for evaluation and other measures. If fever, cough, sore throat and other symptoms, must wear a mask immediately, do not use public Jiaotonggongju should summon an ambulance to the Conde de Sao Januario Hospital emergency department for treatment.

On June 22 Iao Hon Street market stall three birds were detected in environmental samples of H7N9 avian influenza were positive events, the health bureau epidemiological investigation, file owners and have been in close contact with the two staff members is defined as the remaining four today, due to employees not to stall and not defined as contacts. Close contacts 1 male and 2 female, currently without any symptoms, has been collecting samples for H7N9 avian influenza virus detection, detection is still in progress. Health Bureau immediately arranged for three people under medical observation for 10 days in order to follow up on their health.

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