Friday, August 05, 2016

An Unusual Outbreak Report From The C.A.R.


We've a curious report out of Djoukou in the Kémo prefecture of the CAR (Central African Republic) courtesy of Pathfinder on FluTrackers (see link) that describes a fast moving and deadly epidemic of unknown origin.

Djoukou is located in a sparsely populated area just across the river that divides the CAR from the DRC, and lies about 77 km south of the capital Sibut.

The reports (we have two) describe between 12 and 20 deaths occurring over the past 72 hours, all suffering from acute yellow diarrhea, fever, and vomiting followed by death within 48 hours.

The first report comes from, which is a local media source that provided early reports of the CAR's Monkeypox outbreak last January.

Central African Republic: A violent epidemic decimated the population of Djoukou (Kemo)

LNC - 08/05/2016

For 72 hours, a violent lightning and unknown epidemic is decimating the population of djoukou in kemo.

For 72 hours, a violent and devastating unknown epidemic is decimating the population of djoukou in kemo.  

To date, more than 20 people have already died from the infection. According to witnesses, the disease manifests itself crisis of acute yellow diarrhea, high fever and vomiting. The patients die within 48 hours.  

According to local MP Jean-Claude Koniasambia: "A woman from the Congo arrived in our area is the cause. Upon arrival she showed symptoms of the disease and died within hours. And all the people who had to handle his body were infected and died of the disease unknown. This disease is so diffuse through physical contact. "  

The MP urged the authorities and international health organizations to help them quickly

A second report, with slightly different details, appears on

RCA: an epidemic killed 12 people on the border of DRC
Published Friday, August 5, 2016 |  African Press Agency

Jean Claude Kamia Sambia, MP for Djoukou a city southeast of Bangui border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, asked Thursday in Bangui, government assistance, following the death of 12 people and the unease felt by many others people in his constituency. 

These victims were contact with a woman fell ill in the DRC and CAR transferred for care. She eventually died. According to the parliamentarian, all persons in contact with the patient and his body are either deceased or have contracted the disease suffered by the deceased. 

Yellow vomit, acute diarrhea and strong are the symptoms of the disease . According to officials of the health region number two, there is a seasonal influenza H3N2 plaguing the area. in all cases, a multidisciplinary team is expected in the locality for samples to be examined by the Institute Pasteur in Bangui in order to know the nature and origin of the disease. BB / cat / APA
While at first blush the described symptoms are vaguely suggestive of giardiasis, the high fatality rate is not.  Hopefully they will get a medical team in there and we'll get a better idea of what is going on there in the next few days.

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