Monday, November 21, 2016

Korea: CDC Issues Guidance On Preventing Human Infection With H5N6


Although it subject to a certain amount of machine translator syntax mangling, we've a report today from the Korean CDC indicating they've sent epidemiologists to at least five farms with suspected outbreaks of H5N6, in order to ensure that proper protections are used when dealing with infected birds and environments. 
The announcement earlier today of a fatal H5N6 case over the weekend in Hunan Province, China, only serves to remind one of the risks that poultry producers, and cullers, may face as this particular HPAI virus spreads out of China. 

While five farms are mentioned in this release, I'm seeing (unconfirmed) media reports that more farms - particularly in Western Korea, and some near the Capital Seoul - are reporting signs of possible infection.

Prompt measures to prevent human infection due to the development of highly pathogenic AI (avian influenza)
High pathogenic AI (avian influenza) arise due to rapid human infection prevention measures are implemented
Last domestic poultry farms and pathogenic avian influenza (AI)
Epidemiological disease control headquarters, investigators sent a human infection in the field to enforce preventive measures
Suspected human infection prevention tips and symptoms occurred immediately urge health authorities report

The Disease Control Headquarters (headquarters headquarters) said that it carried out measures to prevent AI human infection by dispatching a epidemiologist to five poultry farms where H5N6-like highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI)
* (Date of dispatch) 11.17-18: Chonnam Hainan [Converse], 11.19: Chungbuk Voice [Conversation], Jeonnam Muan [Doubtful Conversation], 11.20: Chungbuk Cheongju [Doubtful Conversation]
* AI (Avian Influenza): A virus that infects poultry such as wild birds, chickens, and ducks. It does not infect humans in general, but has recently been intermittent in humans, crossing the interspecies barrier Influenza No cases of human infection)

○ The Disease Control Headquarters will support the AI ​​Human Body Infections Task Force in the local municipalities to provide anti-viral agents and personal protective equipment for high-risk groups such as farm workers, volunteers and counterparts to prevent human infection, seasonal influenza vaccine unvaccinated inoculations, In addition,

○ If you have contact with wild birds or if you have respiratory symptoms such as fever, muscular pain, coughing, sore throat within 10 days after participating in work related to disposal of flesh, immediately call to the public health center or call 1339 (Disease Control Headquarters Call Center) Avian Influenza has led to active surveillance and reporting of suspected cases of human infection.

□ The Disease Control Headquarters maintains a hotline with relevant agencies such as the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Quarantine, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock to ensure rapid detection of the incidence of highly pathogenic avian influenza. He said that he plans to do his best to prevent human infection by working with the local governments on the future situation of highly pathogenic avian influenza. 

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