Thursday, December 29, 2016

Shanghai Municipality Reports A New H7N9 Infection

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For the second week running Shanghai is reporting an H7N9 case, although unlike the imported case last week, this week's case appears to be home grown.

I say `appears' because the details provided in the  Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Department's statement are pretty thin.

Today's is the second announced case from Shanghai for the 2016-17 winter epidemic:

Published: 2016-12-29

  Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission December 29 briefing, H7N9 virus confirmed case of human infection case report in Shanghai.

  Patient, Liu, M, 34 years old, Sichuan Koto membership. Confirmed on December 29, is now in active treatment.

It is worth noting that many provinces don't even provide this level of `real-time' notification of cases, and that often we don't learn about cases until an epidemiological summary is issued, usually near the middle of the following month.

All of which means there may well be more cases under treatment right now across China than we are aware of.     

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