Monday, January 09, 2017

EID Journal: Morens & Taubenberger On The Evolution Of HPAI H5Nx


Over the years noted virologist Jeffery K. Taubenberger & epidemiologist and medical historian David M. Morens have provided us with some of the most concise, and insightful, analyses of novel and avian flu that you'll find anywhere in the literature.
Just a few examples include:
Morens & Taubenberger - Influenza Viruses: Breaking All the Rules
Morens & Taubenberger on Influenza’s History
Morens and Taubenberger: A New Look At The Panzootic Of 1872
With clade H5 viruses (H5N8, H5N6 and their reassortments) seemingly on roll worldwide,  and with worrisome changes in their behavior - particularly in wild and migratory birds - I can't think of anyone better suited to summarize avian flu's current state of affairs than Morens & Taubenberger.

Today's EID Journal commentary covers, and tries to make sense out of, many of the studies we've looked at over the past 12 months, including last November's EID Journal: HPAI A(H5Nx) Viruses With Altered H5 Receptor-Binding Specificity.
Given the amount of information in each paragraph, and how each builds on the last, it would be futile to try and post excerpts, so I'll simply provide the link (h/t Matt Watson for the head's up), and ask that you read it in its entirety.   

Volume 23, Number 2—February 2017

H5Nx Panzootic Bird Flu—Influenza’s Newest Worldwide Evolutionary Tour


Jeffery K. Taubenberger and David M. MorensComments to Author  

Author affiliations: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA (J.K. Taubenberger, D.M. Morens); Associate Editor, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (D.M. Morens)

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