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France Expands Preventative Culling As HPAI Outbreaks Continue To Rise

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Under normal circumstances culling of poultry is done when a flock either tests positive for an H5 or H7 avian flu virus, or displays symptoms consistent with infection. Less often prophylactic culls are performed on farms that lie very close to a known outbreak, or in facilities which have received poultry or eggs from a known infected source.

On January 4th, in response to four weeks of unrelenting outbreaks of H5N8 in France's Southwest,  France's MOA ordered a prophylactic cull of nearly all `healthy web-footed birds bred outdoors' in the three hardest hit departments (Gers, Landes, and Haute-Pyrenees).

At the time of that order, there were 95 H5N8 outbreaks on farms and 5 cases in wildlife confirmed.  Fast forward two weeks, and that number has jumped to 136 outbreaks on farms, and 9 detections in wildlife.

Yesterday, the French Government issued a decree expanding the size and scope of this preventative cull, adding 45 additional municipalities to the list.  First, some (translated) excerpts from a report on, after which I'll have the latest MOA update.

Bird flu preventive slaughter expanded to 45 towns

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There are now 232 municipalities that will undertake the preventive slaughter of waterfowl, to curb the avian flu H5N8. A decree fixes the list.

In total, 232 municipalities of 4 departments will shoot in preventing breeding waterfowl. Landes clearly dominate this enlargement, with 23 villages added to the list. In the Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers and Pyrenees-Atlantiques, ten municipalities were also targeted.

The expansion is necessary because the H5N8 strain continues to spread in France. At last count, 136 outbreaks were reported in farms in the country. The virus also circulates in wildlife, where eight outbreaks were reported - including Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Ain.
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The French MOA is updating the numbers several times a week, and so the following numbers could easily be amended later today or tomorrow.

Avian Influenza: France in the home monitoring

17/01/2017 avian influenza
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In France

Situation on January 17, 2017: 136 H5N8 outbreaks in farms and 8 cases in wildlife confirmed and communicated.

Learn more about the epidemiological surveillance Animal Health platform . 

List of homes in the departments

  • Landes: 37 homes
  • Tarn: 8 homes
  • Gers: 71 homes
  • Lot-et-Garonne: 7 homes
  • Hautes-Pyrénées: 6 homes
  • Pyrénées-Atlantiques: 3 homes
  • Aveyron: 2 homes
  • Deux-Sèvres: 3 homes
List of outbreaks in wildlife
Pas-de-Calais: 1 home
Haute-Savoie: 2 homes
Tarn: 2 homes
Channel: 1 home
Ain : 1 foyer
Lot et Garonne 1 home
Landes: 1 home

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