Thursday, February 02, 2017

Hungary: NÉBIH Orders New Restrictions As Avian Flu Spreads


In 2015, when the United States (pop 310 million) saw the loss of roughly 50 million birds due to bird flu, it was considered the worst avian epizootic in American history.  Poultry producers lost billions, and the retail price of poultry products (particularly eggs) rose steeply, and remained high for a year.

Trying to put this year's avian flu disaster in Europe in perspective isn't easy, as it has hit some areas much harder than others.  But in the worst hit regions - like Hungary - the impact is as great, or greater than, the impact of ours in 2015.

Hungary, with a population of 10 million (1/30th of the United States)  has already lost more than 3 million birds due to their epidemic.  A per capita loss already almost double that seen by the United States.  And as the report below from Hungary's NÉBIH (Department of Animal Health and Animal Welfare) shows, their battle is far from over.

This statement also indicate that the H5N8 virus has been detected in 83 wild birds since the fall, a number very close to the total detected (n=85) in the United States during the first 12 months of our epizootic.

In 2015 - the last time H5N8 was seen in Europe - there was not only just a small number of poultry outbreaks reported in a handful of countries, but by February their bird flu detections were already winding down.   

Not so this year, as two dozen European nations have reported a combined total of more than 1,000 HPAI detections and more than 500 poultry outbreaks, with no end in sight.

Throughout the country it should be closed in the poultry

2017 February 2
Our country has ordered closed in the entire territory of poultry keeping Lajos Bognar Chief veterinarian. The measure is justified by the fact that in 11 counties and Budapest showed a total of 83 vadmadárban the NÉBIH laboratory for avian influenza virus, and that two weeks ago - because of likely infection resulting vadmadártól - Gyor-Moson-Sopron and Veszprém counties were released of the disease. The regulations aim to further reduce the possibility of contact with wild birds in flocks.
Effective from 27 January 1/2017. number of national chief veterinary decision - in addition to previous measures - requires that all poultry in the country can only be closed. If this is not possible, the runway must be protected adequate strength and bird netting. Part of birds covered with a mesh, which must be vented to the poultry, livestock equivalent to at least the building floor area sizes.
Hungary Chief Veterinary Officers of the measure in Transdanubia registered - according to the epidemiological investigation of wild avian - bird flu outbreaks, the high number of wild bird disease, as well as the European Union is growing bird flu cases was due, so as to reduce the possibility of the flocks from wild birds come into contact.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in our country has 11 counties and Budapest vadmadárban showed a total of 83 out of the bird flu virus, about 3 million birds had to be disposed of, resulting in direct damage estimated around 3.5 billion forints. The veterinary authority shall immediately take the necessary measures. Simultaneously - being paid 100% state indemnity for direct damages resulting from the disease control measures is - based on the final decisions. So far, 45 farmers were paid approximately HUF 1.16 billion.

It remains crucial that farmers strictly adhere to the overall disease control rules and notify their veterinarian or the veterinary authority if their stock any symptoms of the disease are detected.
Information on the current bird flu outbreak are available on the NÉBIH website .

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