Friday, February 03, 2017

Sichaun Province Reporting Two H7N9 Cases

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Earlier today Hong Kong's CHP announced receipt of a report of 57 new H7N9 cases from the Mainland, including 1 case - and the first ever - from Sichaun Province in Southwestern China.
Today, however, the Sichuan Ministry of Health has announced - not one - but two cases, both in Suining City, Sichuan Pengxi.   It is not clear whether these two cases are epidemiologically linked.
This from the Sichaun Government Website:

Sichuan first discovery of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza cases diagnosed two patients    
  Reporters on the 3rd from the official website of the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission was informed that the province's Suining Pengxi confirmed two cases of H7N9 bird flu, which was first discovered in Sichuan human infection with H7N9 avian influenza.

  The two patients were diagnosed from Suining City, Sichuan Pengxi, currently two patient's condition stable, but still critical. 111 close contacts are not unusual.

  Reporters learned that, after the confirmed cases, the Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission immediately sent by the Emergency Management Office responsible person led, Sichuan University, West China Hospital, Provincial People's Hospital, the provincial expert group provincial disease prevention control center experts went to cities and counties to guide the work, local government law launched a public health emergency contingency plans, health planning, animal husbandry and other related departments to strengthen joint prevention and control.

  At the same time, relevant departments of the patients live, chicken circle homes, bazaars and medical institutions for treatment of patients who were cleaning and disinfection treatment and environmental remediation, to reduce the risk of infection, the cumulative environmental disinfection area has reached more than 6.3 million square meters .

  According to reports, the highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry because of its rapid spread, against big, high mortality, are classified as Class A OIE animal diseases, China will be listed as a class of animal diseases. Human infection with H7N9 avian influenza is a human acute respiratory infections by the H7N9 avian influenza virus.

  Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Expert Tip: to prevent respiratory diseases, should pay attention to indoor ventilation, reasonable rest, reducing the crowded, stay poor air spaces; routinely wash their hands, cough and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze and other personal good health habits; no contact, do not make and do not eat dead poultry, buy fresh, live, when frozen poultry quarantine pay attention to see proof, once flu symptoms, to timely medical treatment. (Peng)

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