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Taiwan: Tainan Turkey Farm Tests Positive For H5N6


Since its first detection less than a week ago in a dead gosling found near some poultry farms in Hualien Yuli, we've seen H5N6 turn up in a slaughterhouse which had received poultry from the same region, and today we've word of a turkey farm more than 100 km away from the first detection testing positive as well. 
Complicating matters, for several days the turkey farm apparently dismissed early signs of the infection as a `feed problem', and delayed reporting to authorities.
Given how quickly H5N8 tore through the island's poultry industry in 2015,Taiwan's BAPHIQ (Bureau of Animal Plant Health Inspection & Quarantine) and other authorities appear ready to take a hard line against anyone who fails to report an outbreak. Today's report announces that an investigation is underway, and that depending on their findings, a fine of up to NT $ 10 million ($322,000 USD) could result.

Confirmed the first case of H5N6 bird flu cases poultry farms ahead of deployment to enhance the prevention response mechanism

Council of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ anti) today (12), said Rokko Tainan District 1 turkey farm turkey 6 have been incidents after the death case, is suspected feed problem, did not immediately notify the animal epidemic prevention and protection at the Tainan (Tainan animal protection Department), where the industry is due to turkey feed company with a dispute, the police received a notification on the 9th to the site visit Television and sampling, and to perform control the movement. 

Today, livestock guard notified the turkey farm specimen diagnosed as H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic bird flu, first detected in poultry farm. Tainan animal protection at the receipt of test reports, has been performed in accordance with standard operating procedures for disposal of immunization in order to reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic, the original breeding field more than 3,000 6-week-old turkeys in full diagnosis before death.
The other relates to the violation of the field, will be investigated in accordance with regulations.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau noted that, according to animal protection at the Tainan return information, the field of breeding poultry and other livestock farm registration certificate does not match the content contained on the case of failure to inform and involve the epidemic, according to a violation by the Tainan City Government were "Animal Husbandry Law" and "animal infectious disease prevention Act" provisions of investigation, if the case of failure to inform the epidemic can be verified, a maximum fine of NT $ 10 million.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau shows that there are three H5N6 avian influenza detection, respectively Hualien Yuli farm road death of young geese, ducks and Tainan, Ilan slaughterhouse Rokko 1 turkey farm, have switched to start contingency mechanism deployed more advanced, Hualien County to expand the scope of control to monitor from the original radius of 3-5 km, and to improve the monitoring frequency reduced from the original once a month to once every two weeks, for three consecutive months, confirmed the bird flu virus was not detected after the event, before lifting control measures in the region, and the poultry farms within 5 km radius, subject to no presence of virus was first detected only after the listing slaughtered on or before February 21, in addition to waterfowl outside, while prohibiting terrestrial birds out of the past, Hualien County slaughter; Ilan County has completed the detection of H5N6 bird flu among ducks 3,787 carcasses abandoned slaughterhouse within 3 km radius around the poultry farms control monitoring, only one poultry farm, which is currently empty homes; As part of Tainan City, Tainan City has been protection of animal epidemic prevention and control measures taken by the department to control the radius of three kilometers around the field in case of poultry farms, 3-5 km radius comprehensive visits, and to give priority to the ducks sampling and monitoring to confirm whether signs of virus proliferation. Prevention and Quarantine Bureau noted that today the Council of Agriculture also held a meeting of bird flu emergency response team, in addition to the relevant units and will be invited within the county animal epidemic prevention agencies participated and invite the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare participants jointly attempts to prevent spread of the epidemic, during Please also municipal, county (city) government to strengthen the jurisdiction of poultry farm visits and reports on the investigation, to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Prevention and Quarantine Bureau reiterated that, according to the outbreak of H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza experience Korea and Japan, the strong force of the spread of the virus through the waiting (wild) birds after the invasion, easy by poultry, personnel, vehicles, cages, equipment and wild birds other means of communication in the marketing environment. Therefore, all domestic poultry industry should be alert to implement hold a cautious attitude inside the software and hardware biological Anquancuoshi, must not be taken lightly. Bureau shows that the poultry industry's first and foremost task is to strengthen the anti-bird birdhouse facilities, blocking the poultry with the incoming (wild) birds routes of exposure, and make access control, usually should be strictly prohibited outside the vehicles and personnel comes into play, if not be You must order comes into play, should also requires personnel to replace clothing and footwear, and rigorous disinfection of vehicles after Chedi, before entering. In addition, if found inside the case of poultry abnormal mortality or food intake, water intake, egg production rate decreased abnormal, should immediately notify the local animal epidemic prevention organs to assist in clarifying the reasons, but also to avoid the possible spread of the epidemic and marketing environment, the protection of the whole industrial safety.
Also, the council noted, H5N6 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza is currently available only in Chinese mainland have occurred avian-human transmission cases, Japan and South Korea poultry farms and wild birds, although severe outbreak, but no case of human transmission of avian outgoing. In addition, anti-seizure Bureau has accredited slaughter each slaughterhouse veterinarian health check for strict checks, providing consumers with a healthy source of meat, poultry and eggs cooked as long as, and to avoid contact with wild birds feeding , hand washing and other Gerenweisheng measures can avoid the risk of infection.

Another expert questioned the recent media coverage of the bird flu virus in the land of section B, of actively promoting avian influenza epidemic prevention and monitoring work, 104 occurred HPAI epidemic H5N2, H5N8 and H5N3 subtypes six bases, field culled 1,004 poultry farms, about 5.4 million poultry, started by the central and local number of prevention measures to deal with the subsequent epidemic that is stable control, 105 years diagnosed culled 37 games, about 28 million birds, 106 so far in 13 games and about 120,000 poultry epidemic phase representing 104 years has been significantly reduced, where H5N3 bird flu since March 104 that is not detected again, and the H5N2 subtype of bird flu four bases from 104 in September after not detected again, it shows that bird flu the effectiveness of prevention, not as experts referred to the case.

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