Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Saudi MOH Announces 2 Primary MERS Cases


After a four day lull in reporting, the Saudi MOH is back with their 3rd and 4th MERS cases of April - both primary (community acquired) cases - one with recent camel contact, and one without.

Over the past 18 months Saudi Arabia has managed to reduce both the number, and size, or healthcare related outbreaks.  The last really big hospital outbreak ( > 100 cases) was in the summer of 2015 (see Saudi MOH Statement On The Riyadh MERS Outbreak – Aug 23rd).

While we seem to have (at least for now) settled into a pattern of sporadic community acquired infections,  MERS-CoV continues along its evolutionary path and will continue to probe and test hospital infection control protocols - both in Saudi Arabia - and around the world.

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