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Rosselkhoznador: HPAI Contaminated Poultry Shipped To At Least 9 Regions Of Russia

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Russia's bird flu saga continues, with confirmation today (as previously reported here, here, and here), that tons of HPAI H5 contaminated poultry has been shipped across Russia to wholesalers and retailers, and that a massive attempt is underway to locate and remove these products from the food chain. 
Most, if not all, of the contaminated poultry comes from  LLC "Evrodon" - Russia's largest poultry producer - located in Rostov.  We first looked at that outbreak in mid-April (see Russia: Rosselkhoznadzor Reports Bird Flu Outbreak In Rostov Region).

Exactly how tons of infected poultry managed to enter the food chain and be shipped across the width of Russia isn't clear, although there have been reports of irregularities involving veterinary certificates and today's report cites `According to preliminary data, the problem is in the wrong poultry content and failure to comply with veterinary requirements'.

This from the  Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Chelyabinsk region (bolding mine).

On detection of the genetic material of the pathogen influenza virus A bird \ H5 in meat turkey, received in Miass

At the initiative of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Chelyabinsk Region in the regional Ministry of Agriculture held an extraordinary meeting of the operational headquarters for coordinating the implementation of measures to prevent and eliminate the occurrence of infectious diseases, common to humans and animals. It addressed the question of measures that will prevent the spread of dangerous diseases in the territory of the Chelyabinsk region.

At the meeting of Staff attended by Minister of Agriculture of the area and the staff of the ministry, representatives of the administration of Miass city district, Research Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Chelyabinsk region, the Ministry of Environment, Rospotrebnadzor, veterinarians largest poultry farms and the management team of the Rosselkhoznadzor Office of the Chelyabinsk region, headed by the head of Sergeem Naumovym.

The fact is that in the Chelyabinsk region received more than 4 tons of semi-finished poultry, worked out by LLC "Evrodon". Products received from the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan, from the warehouses of the two companies, where she was brought, in turn, on the accompanying veterinary document issued gosvetsluzhboy Rostov region marked by negative results of studies on the avian influenza A.

After warning colleagues from the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Republic of Tatarstan of the possible infection of bird semifinished the Chelyabinsk specialists, two samples of turkey fillets were selected and sent to a lab for testing. Laboratory studies have shown that the pathogen is present in the meat of the genetic material of the virus of influenza A bird \ H5. The samples were forwarded to the "ARRIAH" FGBU to confirm the results obtained in FGBU "Chelyabinsk MVL".

At the headquarters in accordance with the Federal Law "On quality and food safety» №29 from 02.201.2000 it was decided to destroy the entire batch of contaminated meat. Research is being conducted poultry products stored in the warehouse of LLC "Agricultural predpriyatiyay" Inspiration "in Miass, which has received from the Rostov region contaminated turkey, disinfection of the premises and adjacent territory. It is also important to install all the companies which could still get infected with such products.

At the headquarters, it was decided that all the 4187 kg of frozen semi-finished products, along with packaging 298 cartons will be burned in furnaces Miass one of the enterprises, which were in a sealed warehouse.

Recall that today recorded outbreak of avian influenza in Russia. According to preliminary data, the problem is in the wrong poultry content and failure to comply with veterinary requirements. Experts from the Ministry of Agriculture are concerned about the spread of flu across the country. Avian influenza - a viral infection of birds with high contagious, which can take place among them as asymptomatic or cause death. Vector control are for the most part wild birds (waterfowl - geese, ducks), which practically do not get sick, but have a tendency to migrate from one place to another, and thus carry the virus over long distances. Domestic bird species susceptible to infection with avian influenza virus, it is chickens, turkeys.

In order to prevent the spread of avian flu in the Chelyabinsk region experts conducted explanatory work among the population in order to prevent the emergence of foci of poultry diseases. Poultry farmers need to comply with the veterinary requirements for poultry, monitor the condition of the birds. Ailing need to isolate and destroy.

Rosselkhoznadzor advises citizens to avoid infection with influenza A \ H5 is better not to buy meat birds on the natural markets. As it turned out, the Don region delivered products contaminated with avian influenza, in many Russian regions - the Kirov, Moscow and Voronezh region, Udmurtia, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Primorye Territory and Kuban.

May 19, 2017

As of yesterday (see HPAI H5: Exports Banned From 6 Russian Regions) we have reports of recent H5 outbreaks (in poultry) in the Krasnodar Territory, the Republic of Kalmykia, Chechnya and Moscow, Astrakhan and Rostov regions.
Since the virus in question is probably H5N8, the risk to human health from these contaminated products is likely low, but there are concerns that they could help spread the virus in the environment, and to other poultry farms, across the country. 
While Western Europe continues to enjoy their summer lull in bird flu activity, the same cannot be said for Russia right now.

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