Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sichuan Province Reports 2 More H7N9 Cases


While most of the H7N9 activity we've been seeing these past two weeks has drifted north, west central Sichuan Province continues to report a steady stream of cases.

They reported their very first H7N9 cases in early February of this year, and as of today have now reported 34.

2 cases of H7N9 cases were added to our province
【Release Date: 2017-05-24】 【Close】
      May 17 - May 23, the province newly diagnosed 2 cases of H7N9 cases, respectively, Zigong City, Zigui and Zigong City, along the coastal area reported 1 case, the current two patients hospitalized, stable condition. As of May 23 at 24 o'clock, the province reported a total of 34 cases of H7N9 cases.

Tuesday's HK CHP update listed only 32 cases in Sichuan, so these cases will probably be reported by the NHFPC on Friday.


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