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Taiwan Poultry Outbreak Identified As H5N8


In a follow up to Monday's report (see Taipei Poultry Market Reports HPAI H5), Taiwan's BAPHIQ (Bureau of Animal Plant Health Inspection & Quarantine) has now identified the virus as HPAI H5N8.  
`Good news' in that it wasn't H5N6, which arrived and spread briefly early in the year, but hasn't been reported on the island since late February.  
While not exactly a surprise, H5N8 has been far outnumbered by H5N2 this year, with the last H5N8 outbreak reported in March.  As these infected birds were sourced from multiple locations across Taiwan, their discovery has raised concerns over a resurgence of H5N8.

According to government reports, these infected birds were detected before they could enter the retail food supply.

Two (translated) reports, first from BAPHIQ

Epidemic prevention is not lax, double North slaughterhouse blocked abnormal carcasses diagnosed as H5N8 avian influenza

(10), the avian influenza epidemic prevention mechanism is still in operation, did not relax, this month on the 6th night and 7th morning were received in Taipei City and the new city of 1 slaughterhouse veterinarians informed, in the The implementation of slaughtering health inspection process to intercept chickens carcasses suspected of infection with avian influenza, the notification of the local animal epidemic prevention authorities to the scene sampling, and sent to the Commission for Animal Health Test. The test results were diagnosed as H5N8 avian influenza, not H5N6 avian influenza at risk of avant-garde. 

The same batch of carcasses in the first time that is frozen, not into the market, diagnosed with avian flu will be destroyed according to procedures, while the slaughterhouse also found the day after the end of the slaughter operation, complete the field to expand the disinfection and clearance 24 hours.

The Bureau of Prevention and Control shows that slaughterhouse chickens are abnormally carcassed by wholesale wholesalers, and their possible sources are located in Miaoli, Yunlin, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Pingtong. There are 9 games, which have taken mobile control, clinical examination and sampling. Inspection work, of which 2 field has been empty, left in 7 games are still poultry poultry farms, poultry health status are good. The specimen is currently inspected by the livestock hygiene test.

And this from the Taipei City Animal Protection Office.

Issue date: May 10, 106
Contact: Hu Jinhao leader
Contact Tel: 0978305805

Poultry Market Bulletin Case identified as Avian Influenza H5N8 Subtype, No Subconducts Fully Manufactured Destroyed

About May 7, 2006 Taipei City poultry wholesale market Tuberculosis veterinary surgeon informed of suspected cases of avian flu, by the Agricultural Commission Animal Health Laboratory (home health) on May 9 inspection confirmed as avian influenza H5N8 subtype, Taipei City Animal Protection Office will be the same batch of frozen carcasses to determine the abandoned, and is expected to destroy the full 10 on the 10th to prevent the spread of the virus.

On May 6th night and 7 am, Taipei poultry wholesale market reported a total of five batches of abnormal cases of poultry slaughtering, from Tuocao District, Kaohsiung City, Miao Li County Township, Pingtung County Zhutian Township and Yunlin County Yuan Changxiang the emperor golden chicken and red feathers found in the slaughter of chickens around the eyes of swelling, abdomen, feet foot tibia, wings end of the skin flushing, and visceral bleeding, white erosion and necrotic areas and other suspected avian influenza symptom. 

Slaughtering health inspectors immediately informed the Bureau of Keelung Branch and the Taipei City Sports Insurance Department, by the animal husbandry animal epidemic prevention personnel on-site detention of 304 chickens carcasses cryopreservation and simultaneous sampling inspection, suspected avian flu chicken carcasses Did not flow into the market for the public food safety checks, but also in the morning to inform the four counties and cities animal epidemic prevention agencies to start the source of the backtracking mechanism, the possible sources of control, inspection and testing to identify suspicious cases, Disposal, reduce the risk of epidemic spread.

In view of the ongoing avian influenza epidemic in all parts of the world, although the current avian flu has returned to the normal epidemic prevention mechanism, all levels of animal epidemic prevention agencies are afraid to neglect, in the epidemic prevention early warning, monitoring and disposal measures continue to operate, no lax. 

The carcass detection of H5N8 subtype of avian influenza virus, and 104 years of the popular virus for the same type, when the infection due to ducks caused by industrial losses, but there is no record at home and abroad. North City Sports Insurance Office once again called on the people in addition to the poultry to do a full cooked food, the purchase of qualified clean slaughter mark, to prevent private slaughter, to eat the peace of mind, the other free to feed wild birds, to avoid contact with birds Birds and do personal hygiene, the best way to prevent avian flu.null

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