Sunday, June 18, 2017

Belgium Reports More Outbreaks Of H5N8


Belgium, which managed to avoid the worst of last winter's HPAI epizootic (H5N8 was detected in a small number of non-poultry species), reported the virus's detection again in wild birds two weeks ago in Wellin.
Over the past two weeks, follow-up reports indicate additional outbreaks in wild birds in Amberloup, Soignies, and Houtave.
While we don't have an OIE notification (yet), over the past 3 days H5N8 has been reported in poultry in at least 4 locations, according to the Belgium AFSCA (Federal Agency For Food Safety). 

On Friday a media report (New infections of bird flu in West Flanders) described the first three as `. . . .  in a poultry trader in Oostkamp (West Flanders) and hobby farmers in Zuienkerke (West Flanders) and Quiévrain (Hainaut)'.
Yesterday, the 4th detection among poultry being sold by a merchant in Menen has prompted the establishment of another protection zone, and a public call for the public to report any sick or dead birds.
Two weeks ago neighboring Luxembourg reported outbreaks  in 3 poultry farms located in Keispelt, Niederfeulen and Schrassig, while in the UK DEFRA Reported An Outbreak Of HPAI H5N8 In Norfolk.

A reminder that the H5N8 virus continues to circulate in wild and migratory birds - even during the summer - and that while greatly reduced, the threat has not gone away completely.


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