Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Belgium Reports Their 12th H5N8 Outbreak Of June


While Belgium went relatively unscathed during this past winter's HPAI H5 epizootic, it is making up for it now, with a dozen outbreaks reported this month.

This (translated) press release from Belgium's AFSCA (Federal Agency For Food Safety).

Avian influenza: situation.
New contaminated poultry Wangenies (Fleurus) (06/27/2017)

    The highly pathogenic H5N8 avian flu has once again been found in a particular livestock Wangenies (Fleurus). The AFSCA again ask anyone who has recently purchased a poultry market to be vigilant and call a veterinarian if their birds are sick or die suddenly.

The Agriculture Minister Willy Borsus states: " The fight against bird flu measures are systematically adapted according to the updated epidemiological data and must be proportionate to the risks I am aware of the difficulties this creates for all breeders. . present in restricted areas, however I encourage bird breeders. - particuliers- professionals and to continue to comply with firmness all measures necessary for the protection of animal health in our country "

a temporary buffer zone a radius of 3 km was delineated around this new case Wangenies. In this zone, poultry movements, other captive birds and hatching eggs are prohibited. All captive birds and poultry should be fed and watered inside. Holders of birds and poultry in this area should send their mayor, within 48 hours, an inventory which incorporates, by species, the number of animals present. This area must be at least 3 weeks.

In the rest of the country, no new measures are imposed. As decided in the last few weeks, the sale of birds and poultry on public procurement, as well as other gatherings (exhibitions, competitions, sales ...) poultry are banned. The AFSCA also reminds each holder to be vigilant and to immediately call a veterinarian if his birds show symptoms of disease.

An abnormal mortality in wild birds can still be notified via the toll-free number 0800/99777 .
We can reassure consumers: meat and poultry eggs are quite healthy and can be consumed safely.

The package of measures is available on the website of the FASFC:
- www.afsca.be/santeanimale/grippeaviaire/
- For fans: www.favv.be/santeanimale/grippeaviaire/detenteursamateurs.asp

Breaking the pattern that HPAI H5 usually goes to ground - at least in temperate zones - during the summer months, Belgium joins Finland, Luxembourg, and the UK in reporting HPAI H5N8 during the past month in Europe, and it's turned up (for the first time) in South Africa, the  DRC, and Zimbabwe in the Southern Hemisphere.

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