Friday, June 23, 2017

Belgium Reports Two More Outbreaks Of HPAI H5N8


Belgium, which was one of the least affected countries in Western Europe during this past winter's HPAI epizootic, reports their 10th and 11th outbreak of the month of June today.
Once again, the virus has turned up in hobby farms, this time in Tournai (very near the French Border) and Courcelles.
This (translated) press release from Belgium's AFSCA (Federal Agency For Food Safety).

Avian influenza: situation
two additional infections in Courcelles and Tournai
temporary buffer lifted in Wellin

Two additional cases were again with the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus Influenza A virus subtype H5N8 fixed hobby holders in Tournai and Courcelles. Since June 1, the virus that total found in 11 locations in Belgium. The AFSCA requires all poultry to poultry bought at a market recently to be vigilant.

The temporary buffer in Wellin is released today. Which was established three weeks ago when the Influenza A virus subtype H5N8 virus was identified. The specific measures for this zone are no longer in effect.

The Minister of Agriculture Willy Borsus explains: "The situation is still alarming and biosecurity remain of paramount importance in order to avoid an impact on professional holders. I repeat that, in the current health context, must continue to appeal to a vet if the poultry is sick or dies suddenly. "

Around two new cases in Tournai and Courcelles delineated a temporary buffer zone with a radius of 3 kilometers. Within that area, each movement of poultry, other birds and eggs prohibited. The animals must be fed and watered in. Residents, which have within these zones to poultry and other birds, will be prompted so as to inform about an inventory to the mayor within 48 hours, which will indicate how many and which animals are kept. This zone will be maintained for at least 3 weeks.

The AFSCA requires all poultry farmers also to be vigilant and immediately go to the vet if their animals fall ill.

Abnormal mortality of wild birds can still be reported to the toll free number 0800/99777 .
For the consumer there is no danger at all poultry meat and eggs is safe and can be eaten without problems.
 Belgium joins FinlandLuxembourg, and the UK in reporting HPAI during the month of June.

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