Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Saudi MOH: 2 More MERS Cases In Riyadh Cluster, 1 New Case In Hafoof


The Saudi MOH has reported 2 additional asymptomatic MERS cases in their ongoing Riyadh hospital cluster, with one being a already hospitalized patient, and the other a HCW. 
This brings to 15 the number of cases reported from Riyadh since June 2nd, with 9 of those listed as being asymptomatic.
As discussed in yesterday's blog, asymptomatic cases have been more frequently reported by KSA over the past year, possibly due to more comprehensive testing of contacts.

Additionally, Hafoof (aka `Hafuf') reports a single primary case with a history of camel contact.

Today's announcement brings June's total to 18 cases in the first 6 days, a significant increase over what we've seen the past few months.

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