Monday, January 01, 2018

Saudi MEWA: 4 Additional H5N8 Detections - Jan 1st


The vast majority of the reports of avian H5N8 - which was first announced to have arrived in Saudi Arabia on December 20th - continue to come from within Riyadh Province, although we've seen a handful of reports from Qassim and the Eastern Province as well. 

Today the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) provides us with another progress report on their surveillance and containment efforts, which adds 4 new cases since yesterday's report.

Recording (4) new infections in the Riyadh area of ​​bird flu (H5N8)


- The number of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) cases among birds during the last 24 hours in the Kingdom (4) were all in the Riyadh area, including two injuries in the city of Riyadh in the traditional breeding habitats, the other two in the province of Darmaa in the poultry project and the last in the breeding grounds Traditional in Thadak province.
- The number of samples that arrived at the veterinary diagnosis laboratory in Riyadh till this day (1963) was a sample since the beginning of the outbreak. The samples were collected based on citizens' reports and procedures of surveying and investigation in the vicinity of the affected areas.
- The field teams in Riyadh, Al-Kharj, Dharama and Muzahmiya governorates have continued their safe disposal of birds, disinfection and prevention in 4 projects. The emergency plan is fully implemented at these sites and the affected areas are cleared. .
- In addition, the field teams in Al-Ahsa governorate continued the procedures for safe disposal of infected birds in a number of fauna in the new areas of infection and the vicinity of the areas where the infection was detected, the implementation and completion of the emergency plan at those sites and clearing the affected areas. Safe from birds when the plan is complete.
- The field teams in Al-Qassim have also continued to conduct epidemiological investigations, sanitary disposal and disinfection in the farms and restrooms located in the vicinity of the area where the infection was discovered and announced previously. The Ministry will announce the total disposal of birds safely when the plan is completed.

- The number of communications received by the emergency room during the past 24 hours reached 9, all of which were received, while the emergency room reached (43) inquiries, thus the total number of communications and inquiries since the beginning of the outbreak of the disease reached (802).
- The number of rounds of epidemiological surveillance and veterinary guidance of highly virulent bird flu during the past 24 hours (25) awareness tour in markets and gatherings in all regions of the Kingdom.
- A contract was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Animal Wealth at the headquarters of the main ministry. The meeting was held at the level of the main poultry owners in the Kingdom to coordinate efforts between the Ministry and the private sector to respond to the disease at the level of the Kingdom and the rapid reporting of cases of suspected occurrence and dealing with outbreaks with utmost seriousness and care.

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