Monday, January 08, 2018

Saudi MOH: Riyadh Records 3rd MERS-CoV Case Of 2018


Although they are not setting any records, over the past 7 days the Saudi capital of Riyadh has reported all three of the country's MERS cases for 2018.  
  •  On January 5th the MOH reported their second case of 2018,involving a 48 y.o. male listed in stable condition with a history of direct camel exposure
  •  Yesterday's (Jan 7th) MOH report cites another primary case (with no listed risk exposure) from Riyadh; a 36 y.o. male, also in critical condition.

Although the source of a large number of `primary' community acquired MERS cases remains undetermined, as we discussed just yesterday (see J.I.D.: Asymptomatic Summertime Shedding Of Respiratory Viruses)asymptomatic (or mildly symptomatic) spreading in the community is one possible explanation.

For a more complete rundown on the limits of MERS surveillance on the Arabian Peninsula, you may with to revisit last week's blog Saudi MOH: 1 Primary MERS Case In Riyadh.

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