Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Denmark DVFA: More H5N6 In Wild Birds & Investigating Swan Die Off


Earlier this month Denmark reported their first detection of H5N6 for this winter season (see March 2nd OIE Report) after a white-tailed eagle was found dead in a forest near Slagelse in mid-February and subsequently tested positive for the virus.
Although it has yet to be announced by the OIE, today from the DVFA (The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration) we learn that several more H5N6 positive sea eagles have been recovered from around the country.
Additionally, this morning there are reports in the Danish press of the discovery of nearly 3 dozen dead swans in southeastern Denmark. Although avian flu is suspected, the cause of death may not be known until next week.

First the update from the DFVA.
Avian influenza - current situation

There are 23 March 2018 found the highly pathogenic bird flu in another four sea eagles from both northern and southern Denmark. It shows that the risk of avian flu is present throughout the country. All birds and poultry owners urged to be extra careful biosecurity.

Discovery of bird flu in several sea eagles

National Veterinary Institute has March 23, 2018 announced that found highly pathogenic avian influenza type H5N6 in four sea eagles. The discovery was made in eagles found dead from Hurup and Hjartemål in Thy, in Maribo on Lolland and at Kotri.

In early March, was also found highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N6 in an eagle found near Slagelse.

The findings are not surprising, given that currently reported H5N6 in both wild birds and poultry in other European countries. There have been no reports of human infection with the avian influenza virus type.
Remember biosecurity

DVFA introduces currently not tightened rules for the keeping of birds and poultry, but it is very important to poultry owners is extra attention to disease prevention, as the disease can be found in wild bird populations throughout the country.

Therefore, one must, whether you are a private or professional Poultry-, remember to adhere to basic disease prevention measures as switching and disinfecting footwear before moving into his chicken farm. It's also a good idea to shield or cover the chicken coop, so birds can not land among poultry. For covering can be used, for example. a sheet, mesh or wire.

Hunters need to be extra careful hygiene when they have been hunting since they can tow bird flu home both on footwear, equipment and game birds.
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Today, meanwhile, the Danish press is filled with reports on the discovery yesterday of 33 dead swans near where one of the sea eagles was recovered. This (translated) report from

33 dead swans, Fear bird flu
Tuesday found a kayaker 33 dead swans in Søndersø near Maribo. Avian flu is suspected of being behind.
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Bird flu may have killed the 33 swans that Tuesday was found dead in Søndersø near Maribo.

It fears Stig Mellergaard who is deputy head of the Food Agency.

That's because last week has found an eagle with bird flu in the area.

- It has so foraging somewhere in the local area, so it could well be avian flu, he said.
He believes, however, that the last month's cold weather may also have a hand in it.
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With the northbound spring migration well underway, we'll be watching for more indications of HPAI along the migratory flyways as billions of birds head to their high latitude roosting areas.

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