Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Denmark DVFA Confirms More H5N6 In Wild Birds


Not quite two weeks ago, in Denmark DVFA: More H5N6 In Wild Birds & Investigating Swan Die Off, we looked at reports in the Danish press of the discovery of nearly 3 dozen dead swans near Maribo Denmark.
Although avian flu was suspected, the cause of death wasn't expected to be known for a week or longer.
Today (thanks and a h/t to Finn Jensen) we learn from the DVFA that a number of birds have tested positive for H5N6, including one of the swans in the die off mentioned above.

While scores of dead birds have been either recovered or reported by the public in the past few weeks, many were too badly deteriorated to test for the virus.
Additionally, this time of year, there are many causes of bird mortality, including cold weather.
But of 70 wild birds that have been tested in 2018, 13 tested positive for H5N6. 

DVFA For more bird flu
Modified 10 April 2018
Particularly in North Jutland and Southwest Zealand's birds succumbed to the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N6

Since Easter Food Administration has received almost 80 citizen complaints about dead birds. Not all animals were inspected, typically because they've been rotting or because they seem to have died of anything other than bird flu.

But out of about 70 birds National Veterinary Institute has studied the Food Authority since the New Year, has 13 so far had the dreaded bird disease. The many finds is not surprising in the DVFA.

'It is expected that we see several dead birds after a long and harsh winter and not alarming that more of them are dead or bird flu, explains veterinarian Food Administration, Stig Mellergaard.

He stresses that avian influenza type H5N6 is not dangerous to humans.

The findings do not DVFA to impose restrictions on neither hobby breeders or professional handling of their poultry.

Animal welfare and exports at stake

'But whether you are a professional or hobbyist you should think about and try to avoid pulling infection into his chicken farm or to his barnyard. Therefore is the advice remains that you have to change shoes before entering to his animals, "emphasizes Stig Mellergaard.

The 13 bird flu affected birds are found and examined in 2018, all wild birds, including gulls, buzzards and eagles. Preferably, they are found in Nordvestjylland and SydvestsjƦlland. A single swan are also found positive with bird flu. It was one of the 30 swans, as a kayaker found at Maribo in late March. On the other swans had bird flu has not been studied.

There are currently not found bird flu in either commercial herds or by hobby breeders. If this happens, close the Danish sales of poultry abroad within 24 hours, with serious consequences for both animals and earnings in the poultry industry to follow.

Useful knowledge

If you find a dead bird in the wild, you can report it to the Food & Drug Administration. Use the app like Avian flu Tip. You can also use the DVFA contact form on fvst.dk.

Now that identified several finds of birds with avian flu in Denmark, the DVFA particularly interested in findings that include more birds died in the same place. All today's reports are assessed by DVFA veterinarians.

Read more about how you can help to avoid spreading avian flu infection.
With the northbound spring migration well underway, we'll be watching for more signs of HPAI along the migratory flyways as billions of birds head to their high latitude roosting areas for the summer.

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