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More Avian Flu Dispatches From Western Russia

Rostov Region


Official reports, either from Russia's Rosselkhoznador or posted by the OIE, have been slow in coming (see Russia: Rosselkhoznador Statement On Prevention & Control Of Avian Influenza), but Russian language media sources continue to report new outbreaks on a daily basis. 
What we do know, officially, is that up until last week (OIE Update #5) more than 50 HPAI H5 outbreaks have been reported since early June, across at least 9 oblasts.
While HPAI H5N8 is strongly suspected, media reports and the official OIE filings only describe these outbreaks as due to HPAI H5.
This isn't Russia's first summer avian epizootic.
Last year - starting in April - Russia fought numerous outbreaks of HPAI H5N8 which began in a major turkey owned by Evrodon, which eventually spread across much of Western Russia (see Russia: Rosselkhoznadzor Reports Bird Flu Outbreak In Rostov Region).

Tons of contaminated poultry products managed to get into the retail chain (see Rosselkhoznador : HPAI Contaminated Poultry Shipped To At Least 9 Regions Of Russia) prompting nationwide recalls. 
Two weeks ago we saw OIE Notification Of Avian Flu Outbreaks In Rostov, Oryol, Kursk and Nizhegorod Oblasts, with the largest outbreak (600,000+ birds at risk) at JSC the "Poultry Factory Belokalitvinskaya", Belokalitvinsky, Rostov Region.
Today, via the Rostov government website, we learn of a second large outbreak, affecting one of the large turkey facilities owned by Evrodon.

In two areas of the Rostov region held events to eliminate flu outbreak birds July 25, 2018

Two weeks ago at the JSC "Poultry Belokalitvenskyi" recorded outbreak of avian influenza. The diagnosis was confirmed by the regional veterinary laboratory and the laboratory of the Federal Center for Animal Health in Vladimir. Epizootic has been recognized as a hotbed of the entire territory of the poultry farm, which contained about 616,000 chickens.
- Since the detection of the virus set of preventive measures to prevent the introduction and spread of avian influenza in the Rostov region is carried out in accordance with approved plans and the veterinary rules for the fight against bird flu - said the head of the department of veterinary medicine of the Rostov region Vladimir Zhilin.
In accordance with current regulations, the number in the hearth had to be liquidated. 
- In addition to the birds, feed the remains subject to liquidation, eggs and meat stored at the factory, - said Vladimir Zhilin.- incineration production activities will be completed within a few days. On their completion, as well as after the disinfection of premises, the factory will be able to get to work as usual.
In addition, birds flu foci in July were recorded in the two areas of cultivation of "Evrodon" (October district). Order of the Governor in the territory as quarantine restrictions were introduced. Subject to destruction poultry rearing № portion 5 of "Evrodon".

In the 10-kilometer zone around the poultry farms veterinarians bypass private farms citizens visiting vaccinated and vaccinated birds newcomers. Total to date, examined more than 14 thousand birds. Since the owners are encouraged to talk about the need to comply with veterinary regulations zoohygienic poultry.
Information Policy Department of the Rostov Region Government

Numerous other reports appearing in Russian media this morning suggest new outbreaks of avian flu continue to be reported across much of Western Russia, including:

In Ulyanovsk region detected bird flu center

Published: 07/25/2018 16:53

In Sura district of the Ulyanovsk region found hotbed of avian influenza. It is reported by the press service of the regional veterinary agency.

The hearth was discovered in the village Vypolzovo. It turned out that the source of introduction of the disease is delivery of poultry from Batyrevsky business district of the Chuvash Republic.

Already prepared a draft decree of the governor to impose a quarantine.

July 24
Bird flu found in another region of Tatarstan

The bird flu virus found in another region of Tatarstan - Buinsk. According to the newspaper " The Banner ", the chief of the district epizootologist vetobedineniya Ranis Nigmatullin confirmed deaths from the virus in chickens and ducks Stone Ford and Lower Naratbashe (one pair), willingly pitched in two households.
Samples of three other private enterprises of the Free Mill, one - of Buinsk sent to the Republican veterinary laboratory. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov signed a decree imposed a quarantine in these localities.

And lastly, a (translated) cautionary statement from the Veterinary Committee of Moscow, issued this morning (local time).

The situation for avian influenza remains tense

July 25, 2018, 14:18

Owners of private farms, as well as citizens, containing birds, it is necessary to take measures to prevent bird flu disease.
Veterinary Committee of Moscow informs that the Russian Federation is maintained tense situation for highly pathogenic avian influenza. As of July 16 in nine subjects recorded 60 foci. Avian influenza is registered in the private farms, and in large poultry farms.

Avian influenza - an acute infectious viral disease characterized by lesions of the digestive, respiratory and high mortality in domestic and wild birds of different species. The source of infection with avian influenza is sick birds and products of its life.

Owners of private farms, citizens, containing a bird, you must take the following measures to prevent the introduction of avian influenza virus:

  • The identification and ensure poultry, excluding its contact with wild and synanthropic bird.
  • Used for feeding birds only feed, feed mixtures, coming from areas free from avian influenza, and the presence of accompanying veterinary documents.
  • At the request of gosvetsluzhby experts to carry out laboratory monitoring of the circulation of the avian influenza virus.
  • Ensure separation of feeding and watering of different animal species.
  • Prevent access to unauthorized persons bird except gosvetsluzhby specialists for preventive and anti-epizootic measures.
  • Do not buy the bird and animal feed in places unauthorized trade.
  • Regularly mechanical cleaning and disinfection of cells and places for poultry.
  • Feathers, products of slaughter of birds disposed of (destroyed), in accordance with veterinary and sanitary rules of collection, recycling and disposal of biological waste.
  • the bird care should be carried out only in special clothes and footwear, which should be regularly washed and cleaned.
All cases of contagious poultry disease or suspicion of their origin, as well as bird deaths in the city, to immediately report to the territorial division of the State Veterinary Service of the City of Moscow GBU "Mosvetobedinenie" (contacts in the "Clinic" site or clock telephone "hot line" SBD "Mosvetstantsiya": 8 (495) 612-12-12

Although I'm seeing some reports of successful eradication in some oblasts hit last month, this summer's epizootic seems far from over.

Stay tuned.

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