Sunday, August 05, 2018

Ugandan MOH Statement On `Mysterious Disease' In Mubende District


In my last blog I mentioned that the newshounds at FluTrackers are following an outbreak of undetermined origin in Uganda in a thread called:
Uganda on high alert as mysterious disease kills six in Mubende district

The Ugandan Ministry of Health's website doesn't appear to have anything posted yet, but from their official twitter account we get the following screen shots.

This outbreak is several hundred kilometers east of the current DRC Ebola outbreak, and this statement informs us that tests for Ebola and other known  hemorrhagic fevers have come back negative.
Samples have been sent to the CDC for further analysis.
Meanwhile the Ugandan MOH also tweeted yesterday on their readiness to combat Ebola should it arrive in their country, and they have begun fever checks for anyone entering their country from the DRC.

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