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Vietnam: Two Media Reports Of H5N6 In Poultry


Much as we've seen in Mainland China, H5 & H7 reports from neighboring countries have been greatly suppressed over the past 12 months, with Vietnam reporting only one outbreak of H5N6 (in Haiphong last February) in 2018.
Today, however, we've media reports of H5N6 outbreaks in two region of Northern Vietnam; Haiphong, and Nghe An.  So far, I've not found any official confirmation from Vietnam's MARD or the OIE.
First, from the VN Express:


Thursday, 02.08.2018, 11:49 (GMT + 7)

Nghe An destroyed thousands of ducks infected with influenza A / H5N6 
Avian flu infected in Dien Chau district (Nghe An) not vaccinated according to regulations.

Light 2/8, veterinary stations Dien Chau district (Nghe An) said it has destroyed more than 2,400 ducks of 12 days old type, 8 chickens at his farm Cao Xuan Hao, resident Dien Union.

28/7 days earlier, nearly 90 ducks at the farm home of Hao died. Agency veterinary sample tests determine the number of poultry in this outbreak of influenza A / H5N6; ranchers caused no vaccination for this poultry.

Along with the destruction of all poultry in the farms, veterinary disinfectant spray enclosure outbreak; signboards are notified and asked the family to sign commitments not to slaughter poultry and poultry was not infected ...

Leadership Branch animal husbandry and veterinary Nghe An province said the total poultry in the province of 23 million, while the consciousness of people in active vaccination is not high, although the price per only 392 doses of copper.

And a second report, from Thanh Nien:

Avian influenza A / H5N6 virulent recurrence in Haiphong
Le Tan

Light 2.8, Le Van Cuong, Deputy Chairman of An Duong district (Hai Phong), said the authorities will set up checkpoints flu A / H5N6 in two communes of the district within 20 days.

Earlier, in 2 households in 2 communes of An Hong and Hung (District Anyang) were outbreaks of influenza A / H5N6 caused about 10,000 sick or dead birds to be destroyed.

Specifically, households Nguyen Duc Truong (Dong Hai village, An Hung) 2,100 breeding ducks from 5.6 days. Mr. Truong were vaccinated against cholera duck, duck hepatitis, avian influenza . By day 16.7, the ducks had diarrhea, spinning, dying fast. To date 30.7 1,950 ducks had died disease.

Meanwhile, from 15.7, above the 2,400 geese with his family cases also signs anorexia, diarrhea, spinning and die like ducks. Where he used Havet KTG antibodies, antibiotics, drug aid effort, synergy for treatment but the disease is not reduced. By day 30.7, short only 35 survivors. His chickens are 1,000 livestock School Day 13.6, from 15.7 days also began died. To date only the remaining 30.7 7 children.

Family Hoang Van Mấm (village Pham Use, An Hong, An Duong district) had 4,650 ducks, from 27.7, the bird began diarrhea stool blue, white, with neurological symptoms, spinning and die very quickly.

Receiving reports, Department of Livestock - Veterinary Medicine, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hai Phong City in collaboration with the Steering Committee for prevention of animal diseases An Duong district examined the disease situation and sample tests, the results showed that 6/6 positive samples of avian influenza virus A / H5N6.

Authorities did make a record handle destroyed entire poultry population of his family alive Mấm and Hoang Van Nguyen Duc Truong, spray disinfection of all barns area 2 households; simultaneously up 3 checkpoints in villages Pham Use (An Hong commune) and village of Dong Hai (An Hung commune) to spray epidemic prevention for people and vehicles crossing in 20 days. An Duong district also requires new farming households suspended poultry and implementation of measures for prevention of under guidance of veterinary staff.

This is the 2nd time, avian influenza H / A5N6 outbreak in An Duong district. Earlier, in February, an outbreak was discovered at his home Mai Van Tinh (live rural Van Tien, Dai Ban, An Duong district).

Avian flu activity in Mainland China has been greatly suppressed over the past year - likely due to the nationwide deployment of a new H5+H7 poultry vaccine, and greater restrictions on live bird markets -  and this appears to have had some carryover effect to their neighboring countries.

How long that happy state of affairs will last is anyone's guess, and so we'll be watching for other signs of activity as the fall approaches.

 Ed. Note:  I'll be away from my desk most of today.  For the latest news please check in with Crof's Blog, FluTrackers, and CIDRAP news.

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