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Japan: OIE Update & 20th Outbreak Of Classical Swine Fever


Earlier this week Japan's MAFF announced the 20th farm outbreak of Classical Swine Fever (CSF) since the virus returned last September. Similar to African Swine Fever (ASF) both diseases are highly contagious among pigs, and can be economically devastating for pork producers, but neither pose a direct threat to human health.
In addition to 20 outbreaks on commercial farms, hundred of wild boar - primarily in Gifu Prefecture, but also in Aichi - have tested positive for the virus over the past 6 months. 
This morning we've got the (translated) MAFF update on the 20th outbreak affecting nearly 10,000 pigs (including some at a local slaughterhouse), followed by yesterday's OIE update

Confirmation of suspected affected animals of swine fever in Gifu Prefecture, about (20 cases eyes domestic)
2019 April 17,

the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Today, suspected affected animals of swine fever has been confirmed in a pig farm in Ena, Gifu Prefecture.

We are taken all possible measures for the quarantine measures for the disease.
The farm has to refrain from the movement of breeding pigs from the time the suspicion of swine fever has occurred.
Interview in the field, thank you for your cooperation as strictly refrain from such that there is a risk that cause the spread of the disease.
1. Overview of the occurrence farm

Location: Ena, Gifu Prefecture
breeding situation: 9,628 head

2. Background

(1) Gifu Prefecture, April 16 (Tuesday), from the farm, received a report of a breeding pig has exhibited abnormal, we conducted a site inspection by animal health inspectors.
(2) the same day, because the suspicion of swine fever is caused by the inspection at the Livestock Hygiene Service Center, was subjected to a thorough examination, today (April 17, Wednesday), turned out to be a suspected affected animals of swine fever want did.
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Machine translations often produce varying degrees of mangled syntax, so the OIE notification description of this event follows:
1. The 20th affected farm (Ena city in Gifu, 16/04/2019) On the 16th of April, some pigs were found to be dead. That was reported to the Gifu Livestock Hygiene Service Centre (LHSC). Official veterinarians of the LHSC immediately visited the farm to conduct a clinical inspection and sampling.
The samples were tested for classical swine fever (CSF) virus by RT-PCR at the LHSC. The samples were found to be positive on the 17th of April. The epidemiologically related slaughterhouse was identified and was ordered to stop its operation. Stamping out is being carried out at the 20th affected farm and the epidemiologically related slaughterhouse.
This OIE update also adds 52 wild boar outbreaks, and provides the following summation.
Summary of the wild boar surveillance
As of the 19th of April, 994 wild boars (163 dead and 831 captured) in Gifu prefecture have been tested and 318 (113 dead and 205 captured) were found to be positive for CSF virus (CSFV) by RT-PCR since 13th of September.
233 wild boars (17 dead and 216 captured) in Aichi prefecture have been tested and 13 were found to be positive (2 dead and 11 captured) for CSFV by RT-PCR since 14th of September.
Among the other prefectures, 276 wild boars (253 dead and 23 captured) in 40 prefectures were tested and all were found to be negative for CSFV by RT-PCR since the 14th of September.
Note: Since 24th March 2019, oral vaccine (bait vaccine) have been applied to wild boars in selected area in Gifu and Aichi prefecture where CSF positive cases have been found in wild boars.

Although Japan has been battling this disease for over 6 months, the pace of reported outbreaks has increased markedly over the few weeks, with 10 of 20 farm outbreaks (50%) reported in the past 6 weeks.
Until last September, Japan had been one of only 35 countries (see map below) that has been certified by the OIE as being free of the disease with their last outbreak reported in the early 1990s.

 With Japan's recent suspension, that number now stands at 34.

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