Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Indonesia: Suspected Bird Flu Fatality


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Overnight Ida at BFIC posted a report on a 4 year-old from Riau, Indonesia who was hospitalized with suspected H5N1.  Although this child’s symptoms are consistent with bird flu, we’ve not seen any reports of laboratory confirmation of the virus.


Since that time, local media has reported her death.

First the report from the Bird Flu Information Corner.


Pekanbaru, Riau ::: A four-year-old girl treated as bird flu suspect

Posted by Ida on April 28, 2010

Pekanbaru – A four-year-old girl, Joice Evelyn, a resident of Jalan Sidomulyo RT/RW 1/8 Kecamatan Senapelan, is suspected of contracting bird flu virus. The girl is currently under intensive treatment at bird flu isolation unit of Arifin Achmad hospital in Pekan Baru.


Patient had been hospitalized in Arifin Achmad hospital for two days from 21 to 23 April before taken home by her family. Patient had recurrent fever on the next day after she returned home that she was rushed to Santa Maria hospital. Later she was referred to Arifin Achmad hospital.


Hospital is still waiting for the laboratory test result.


Patient has no direct contact history with birds before the illness.

Source: Indonesia local TV, Riau Televisi


Dutchy, posting on FluTrackers has this update from


Machine translations from Bahasan oft times confuse genders, but based on Ida’s translation, this victim appears to be a little girl.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Bird flu suspect GIRL died in hospital Arifin Achmadd

Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru Hospital could treat a child suspected bird flu Senapelan origin.

Her condition worsened and finally died.

Riauterkini-Pekanbaru-A boy berisial Efeline Joyce (4) children Bagarian couples (35) and E Nainggolan (32) the resident Street Sidomulyo, Senapelan, Pekanbaru had undergone treatment
intensive care isolation room patients with suspected bird flu hospitals Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru. Symptom The child suffered clinic leads to attack avian influenza virus.

According to the Head of Public Relations Ahcmad Pekanbaru Hospital Arifin Zainal Arifin, the boy suspected bird flu.

The hospital received on Monday (26/4/10) and then, after a referral from the Hospital Santa Maria Pekanbaru. When his condition had worsened referenced. After two days of intensive care, finally, at around 15:00 pm, Wednesday (28/4/10) patients are not spared his soul.

"Just now the patient is medically declared dead. But we can not ensure, whether the patient is positive of bird flu. Suspected new limited, "explained when talking with riauterkini in Pekanbaru, Wednesday (28/4/10).

Zainal explained, before the patient's body temperature reached 38.9 degrees celsius koit and conditions lung occurs puddle of liquid. Currently the patient's body still in the hospital and waited for his family to take .