Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Media Reports: French Coronavirus Suspect Tests Negative



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My thanks to Gert van der Hoek on FluTrackers for picking up a report from BFM TV (link) announcing the negative results.  A similar report (below) appears in Le Figaro and Le Monde.

Given the abundance of caution necessary to deal with this virus, it is inevitable that we will see a certain number of suspected or `probable’ cases turn out to be negative.

I would note that so far, anyway, the Ministry of Health’s website has not posted an update, indicating a negative test.



No new cases of coronavirus in France (Department of Health)

  •  By The Figaro.fr with AFP   Updated on 29/10/2013 at 22:31

The tests performed by the Institut Pasteur on a new patient suspected of being infected with coronavirus in France were negative, tonight announced the Ministry of Health. "The two cases identified in May 2013 therefore remain the only two confirmed cases in France to this day," the ministry said in a statement. France had announced earlier in the day a new probable cases of coronavirus infection, affecting one in the north of the country back 'of Saudi Arabia , a country where the disease has already made ​​a hundred deaths. Person, 43 years old, returning from a trip to Saudi Arabia, was hospitalized in Tourcoing (Nord) since Monday and his condition was "stable".

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