Monday, May 26, 2014

Iran’s MOH Reports 2 MERS Cases



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The news has gone viral on twitter over the past 30 minutes thanks to Helen BranswellCrof, and Treyfish at FluTrackers who have all picked up on an Iranian Ministry of Health & Medical Education post confirming two MERS cases – and the suspicion of at least four more cases.


We’ve been hearing rumors of MERS in Iran, but until now we’ve only seen official denials. Today, however, their MOH ( has posted a lengthy notice (in Farsi) on two confirmed MERS cases.

I’ve tried translating this report using both the Google and Bing translation services, and both yield disappointingly syntax-challenged results.  I’ve gone with the Bing translation below:


In any event, this report seems to say that two members of a family (sisters?) have tested positive for the virus, while four other family members are suspected, and being tested.   I think  ...



Identification of 2 case of virus infection of the new country/crona consideration of health issues is the only way to prevent this disease

Monday 5 June ١٣٩٣

Director of the Center for management of contagious diseases in the Ministry of health of the identification of 2 case of infection of the virus in the country, crona.

According to a news site and inform the Ministry of health, treatment and medical education (da Web); Dr Mohammad Mahdi gooya announce this news added: 4 new Corona virus infection to a family in the province of Kerman has been observed that 2 cases of it corresponds to 2 sisters in Kerman has been confirmed that one of them treated in the Pediatric conditions.

Director of the Center for contagious diseases at the disease management said: the people who get in touch with these 2 have been items, within less than 48 hours and are under the care of if you see potential in clinical symptoms, special care of them.

His cooperation between the Ministry of health, the Medical Board of the Hadj and pilgrimage organization, and the Islamic Republic of Iran Red Crescent society during 8 months in order to create a precise planning and preparation necessary to take care of the pointed and said the disease in this way, information for زائرين the country's airports and also on the Hajj during the holidays in Saudi Arabia as active.

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