Saturday, May 31, 2014

Media Reports: Two MERS Cases In Algeria


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Although I find no sign of an announcement on the Algerian MOH website, Arabic and French language media are reporting on a pair of MERS cases - apparently involving two men recently returned from performing Umrah – in Algeria.


Details at this time are scant. This first report comes from Al-Arabiya.


Corona virus, two of the injuries in Algeria for the first time

Saturday, 2 August 1435 e - May 31, 2014 AD

A statement of the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, Friday, to confirm two cases infected with the deadly virus Coruna in Algeria. The source explained that it concerns two men Algerians (66 and 69 years old) were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under perform Umrah.

It was declared scored the health interests of the party to Olaty Tipaza and Tlemcen.

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A second report, from


Algeria recorded the first two cases of HIV "Corona"

Algeria recorded the first two cases of HIV "Corona"

Hespress - Anatolia

Saturday 31 May 2014 - 16:10

The Ministry of Health of Algeria, on Saturday, for the first two cases of Corona virus for two people returned from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah.

The ministry said in a statement published by the official news agency: "Today has been confirmed two cases infected with the deadly virus Coruna in Algeria," adding that "It's about two men Algerians (66 and 69 years old) were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under perform Umrah," and that in the states "Tipaza and Tlemcen."

The virus "Corona", or so-called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, is one of the viruses that infect the respiratory tract, and do not yet exist in the world accurate information about the origin of this virus nor its modes of transmission, as there is no vaccine or preventive antibiotic to treat it.

This third report (translated from the French), has the most detail, and comes from the Algerian news agency Maghreb Emergent.


Algeria: two cases of infection confirmed Coronavirus

  •   APS
  • Saturday 31 May 2014 16:32

Two coronavirus infections were confirmed in Algeria, said Saturday a statement from the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform.

These two Algerian men, aged 66 and 59 years, with stayed in Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah, the source added.

The two patients concerned were reported respectively by health services wilaya of Tlemcen and Tipasa.

The first topic was presented the first signs of fever and difficulty breathing, as well as the second, which presented the first respiratory and digestive signs during their stay in Mecca, the ministry statement said, adding that they were taken care of after their admission to health facilities in their respective wilaya.

Ministry of Health has strengthened since April 27 the monitoring and be alert in place June 12, 2013 due to the evolution of the epidemiological situation of the infection with this new virus in the Middle East, according to the same source.

It is within this "heightened alert and sustained "that these two infections were reported and confirmed by the national reference laboratory for the coronavirus Pasteur Institute of Algeria, the statement added.

Department continues to monitor the developments epidemiological and take, if necessary, all the necessary measures that will be brought to the attention of the public, the source added.

The statement said further that at present factual epidemiological data, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that "human transmission remains low."

However, the organization recommends that travelers to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, to comply with hygiene rules the "frequent and thorough" washing hands with liquid soap or rubbing with an alcohol-based solution.