Saturday, December 20, 2014

Germany: 2nd H5N8 Outbreak In Lower Saxony


Emmsland – Lower Saxony – Near Dutch Border – Credit Wikipedia


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Detections of highly pathogenic H5N8 – an avian flu subtype practically unknown a year ago – continue with another farm in Germany reporting the virus.  This is the third German farm in just over a month to report an outbreak.


We’ve also seen this highly mobile avian flu virus abruptly show up in North America, Japan, and Italy this week, likely spreading via migratory birds.   


While H5N8 is not currently believed to pose a serious human health threat, and is primarily a concern for poultry producers, H5 avian viruses are notoriously unstable and difficult to control. So this rapid geographic expansion of H5N8 bears watching.


This report from NRC.NL


Bird flu in Germany, again near Dutch border


In the German Meppen, that near the Dutch border is, is a second case of bird flu at a duck farm discovered. It comes to the dangerous variant H5N8.

Meppen is located in Lower Saxony, Germany, about 35 kilometres from Emmen.

Control in other companies

The Ministry of agriculture in Hannover reports that all 10,000 birds are culled. In a radius of 3 km are checked poultry farms. In that area are still 18 poultry farms with a total of 180,000 animals. For the time being applies a transport ban at this time.

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