Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Korea: Confirmation Of 5th Positive MERS Case


Coronavirus – Credit CDC PHIL


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One of the two health care workers mentioned earlier today (see MERS: South Korea Isolates Two HCWs – Tests Are Pending) – a physician - has apparently tested positive for the virus, bringing to five the number of cases now confirmed in South Korea.


It appears the test results for the second HCW have come back negative.

This from the Korean Herald.

First Homers doctors who treat patients with confirmed infection of five

[Herald] Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS · Homers) infected patients has increased to five. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) 1 infected patients were announced 27 days been further confirmed. Additional patients Homers the first domestic infection treatment seed doctor E, the first domestic infection of medical staff Homers case is. This domestic Homers patients both increased to five. The classified as suspected cases with Mr. E nurse one out genetic testing results voice turned out to be not infected Homers received a decision.

Although machine translations of Korean text are somewhat syntax-challenged, below you’ll find the official press release.


Middle respiratory syndrome ( Merck's ) 5 second patient identification

- First Homers patient care physicians , genetic test results tested positive -

□ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Director : Yang byeongguk ) is 5.26 at 61 Homers total of close contacts people 4 people get the samples received so far two people were confirmed a genetic test results , a double one person said to have been confirmed positive Homers gene .

* 5.26 at 15 during the press briefing after the two is added to the total cases received four test cases in progress

○ The first patient is a patient Homers 5.17 at C treatment in the clinic as a doctor who , 5.26 days under quarantine treatment by the National Inpatient hospital beds .

※ 5.26 days received genetic test results for samples


* A clinic : The first patient 5.12, 5.14 ~ 15 days to visit hospitals
* C clinic : patients first 5.17 days visiting hospitals
* D hospital : Patients First 5.17 ~ 20 days to visit hospitals
* E Hospital : Patient third 5.16 - 20 days Visit institution
□ On the other hand , close contact with the test results confirmed the voice ( Tester 2) whether the symptoms are observed, and is expected to continue the isolation ,
○ Current tests are in progress 2 test results had 5.27 am said that it is possible Checking .